Stop Stopping Yourself

Your mindset is fuel.  It can propel you to greatness or into a ditch.  Think about it.  When you're determined to do a thing, what makes you go through with it?  Your mindset.  Now where you end up, that's a completely different thing.  But for now, let's look at getting a hold of your mindset … Continue reading Stop Stopping Yourself

Just Rest in Him-Then Move

Faith works in 2 opposing principles: rest & movement. If you are a go getter (or maybe for a laid back person, too) you can see how this could be a little frustrating. I'm a go getter. I hear, I move (my husband says I'm a runner). So sometimes resting can be challenging. But why? … Continue reading Just Rest in Him-Then Move

Words of Wisdom

The journey of life is just that.  A journey.  Take in everything about it.  Don't just focus on how long or how hard you or others perceive it to be.  The journey teaches you about yourself.  You learn how you react to ups & downs, highs & lows.  It gives you a chance to experience … Continue reading Words of Wisdom