Lessons for 2018 (DON’T SKIP THIS MESSAGE!)


Product Review: Red Fuel Portable Battery Jumper & Charger

Hi guys!  Don't you just love reviews?  Well, this one was too good not to share!  This little baby has been a Godsend for us!  If you get one (or if you already have one), tell me how you like it!  You can find it here.  P.S. I'm not affiliated with Walmart or Walmart.com.  Enjoy! … Continue reading Product Review: Red Fuel Portable Battery Jumper & Charger

Just because you’re in the wilderness doesn’t mean something is wrong with you Part 3


What Do YOU Want? Parts 1 & 2

Hey all, I have been going back in my Facebook group videos and found that there are quite a few that I haven't shared here.  I'm thinking about just doing YouTube, y'all!  Some of you don't have a FB account so I'm posting there for those who do and then back linking the videos here. … Continue reading What Do YOU Want? Parts 1 & 2

Big Announcements!

You have GOT to hear the message included in this announcement!  Comment after you do! https://www.facebook.com/tonyajoynerspeaks/videos/1607434939279882/


Hi!  Thanks for coming to “hear me”!  Each area of my site is dedicated to different ways of connecting to me whether by reading my books, reading my bio, seeing my presentation & workshop videos or talking to me directly.  This page is called “hear me” & it’s for those interested in hearing what I … Continue reading Welcome!