This DIY Hair Gel is the Bid-Ness!!!

Do you love DIY? Do you have natural hair and need natural alternatives? Maybe you want to consider trying flaxseed gel.  Yeah, girl!  I have used it a few times & it's been great.  Most of all, it does a great job of holding up against the NC humidity!  At this point, it's shorter telling … Continue reading This DIY Hair Gel is the Bid-Ness!!!

Boom!  My Spuds Have Sprouted!

I told you!  My gardening game is STRONG!  In 3 days time, my little potato patch has gone from this:   To this:   To this!  And I haven't even added Miracle Grow yet!!!  It's been raining like crazy here the last week or so, so I'm sure that's part of it.  The rich soil … Continue reading Boom!  My Spuds Have Sprouted!

Introducing My Friend: Squit Squit

Today, I must reveal one of my big cleaning secrets.  I keep it hidden in plain sight because it's just too cute.  He blends in with my decor every time I refill him.  Who is it?  Squit Squit! I can't believe I never introduced him to you before!  Well, here he is!!  No guys, I … Continue reading Introducing My Friend: Squit Squit