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About Me

Hey guys!  Here's an intro for those who don't already know me (and a laugh for those who do).  I decided to ditch the old school "one sheet" approach I had up before.  So enjoy!  Just click the pic... If you'd like a sneak peek at my book, check it out here.  All my books … Continue reading About Me

Monday Mom Tip: Check Your Pipeline (Decluttering Tips)

Check your pipe line. Is it time to declutter?  Yes, I know that some of you just went on a massive decluttering, New Year's resolution, this year will be different crusade.  But have you checked on your upkeep since then?  Is the clutter starting to resurface again? Maybe it's time to check your pipe line.  … Continue reading Monday Mom Tip: Check Your Pipeline (Decluttering Tips)

The Holiday Hustle-How It Goes Down in Our House

11. Eleven. What's the numerical significance? That's how many people were coming to my house this Thanksgiving.  Well, that's how many were supposed to be. Just when I went through the 5 stages of grief and decided to speak life over the situation, God opened the heavens and only 9 actually came.  Well, it's complicated. … Continue reading The Holiday Hustle-How It Goes Down in Our House

Monday Mom Tip!

Today's tip comes with a side of bad timing.  I really should have told you this in September or something.  Anyway, here it is: Stay a month ahead of the holidays! I mean, really, who can argue with that?  I'm a state employee and an entrepreneur.  So my pay schedule tries to run my household.  … Continue reading Monday Mom Tip!

Is Your “Or” Keeping Your Boat From Moving?

Yeah, I can spell.  I know the difference between "or" and "oar".  However, one is a tool and the other can be a hindrance.  When God told us to start a business, we were quick to approach God with "Father, we heard you, but it's gotta be this way to work or that way to … Continue reading Is Your “Or” Keeping Your Boat From Moving?

INCREDIBLE Announcement!

My book is now available in print & as an ebook!  I'm so excited !!!!  I want to say thank you for hanging in there with me.  I have some of the best people in the world to work with & once again the team has produced something GREAT!  So, grab a copy for you … Continue reading INCREDIBLE Announcement!

One step closer…

I'm so excited!!!  I've been working on completing the final parts of my new book, How NOT to Kill Your Kids Before They Turn 18 & it's so hard to hold back!  But I want to make sure I release the best product possible.  Isn't it interesting how we want to pour out to others … Continue reading One step closer…