A Great Way to Pray Over Your Family

Hey y'all!  We know family comes first.  So we do all we can to protect them.  The best way to protect your family is to know how to stay in your lane.  You can buy every gadget known to man, but God is the best protection.  He is the Lord!  So let me share how … Continue reading A Great Way to Pray Over Your Family

Merry Christmas!!!

This image will never get old for me.  Even though it's meant for Valentine's Day, the true meaning of Christmas is the Father's undying love for us which was shown by giving us His one and only Son on Christmas Day.  When you give to those who love, that's nice.  When you give to those … Continue reading Merry Christmas!!!

Just because you’re in the wilderness doesn’t mean something is wrong with you Part 3


What Do YOU Want? Parts 1 & 2

Hey all, I have been going back in my Facebook group videos and found that there are quite a few that I haven't shared here.  I'm thinking about just doing YouTube, y'all!  Some of you don't have a FB account so I'm posting there for those who do and then back linking the videos here. … Continue reading What Do YOU Want? Parts 1 & 2

Big Announcements!

You have GOT to hear the message included in this announcement!  Comment after you do! https://www.facebook.com/tonyajoynerspeaks/videos/1607434939279882/

Today’s Inspiration

Sometimes you wanna give up. DON'T. Don't give up, give in.  Give into the leading of the Holy Spirit.  Pray for peace of mind.  Receive it.  Feel His presence come.  Feel the stress dissipate.  Listen for His voice.  Open your Bible and absorb His word.  Pursue peace.  This is what we can't give up on. … Continue reading Today’s Inspiration

Don’t Use “Waiting on the Lord” as an Excuse

It's a trap too many of us fall into.  "Waiting on the Lord."  I know some are waiting to pounce on me for making this statement.  If this statement makes you uncomfortable, then it may be just what you need to hear. So many situations call for patience and perseverance.  When that time of stillness … Continue reading Don’t Use “Waiting on the Lord” as an Excuse

Rest and You’ll See!

Worn?  Frazzled?  Squirrely even?  Well just stop.  Be still and do nothing.  Yep.  Do the exact opposite of what you think you should be doing.  When you're in a tizzy you're not thinking, hearing or managing properly.  So take a chill pill and take a step back.  Once you do, you'll be able to gauge … Continue reading Rest and You’ll See!

It Ain’t Dead Til It’s Dead

Yes I know you just love the grammar in that title! Lol However, that's not the point! I was sitting on my porch this morning and was just looking and thinking. It was very early and still cool. As I was sitting there, I was looking at the state of my front yard. It's not … Continue reading It Ain’t Dead Til It’s Dead