Business Series: Crucial Planning Steps For The “Daily Grind”.

How I Plan a Month’s Social Media Posts in 30 Minutes or Less

Hey everyone!  I've posted this on FB already, but thought it was a worthy share.  Here's some awesome tips for you that may help your month go a bit smoother.  Enjoy!  (Also, if you have tips, PLEASE SHARE!!) Find something that inspires you and write about it.  Your daily walk in the park, having a … Continue reading How I Plan a Month’s Social Media Posts in 30 Minutes or Less

Crucial Planning Steps. For the “Daily Grind”

Hi guys! Here are my videos for today.  This is a message that CAN'T be missed!  If you're feeling the overwhelm in your life, business or situation, check out these videos!  Sorry there are 2, but the feed froze (wonk-wonk).  Enjoy!

Sometimes You Just Have to Stop & Plan…

Hey guys, I haven't actually written a post in forever.  But since little people have homework time, I decided to take the few minutes between checking math problems to give you an update.  Stuff has been a bit hectic.  Not because there was so much to do or because the tasks were hard, but because … Continue reading Sometimes You Just Have to Stop & Plan…

When good plans go bad

Don't you just love it when you have this great idea, great way to implement it, all the supplies you need, do it & then it fails? Yeah, I don't either. Well I encountered a similar situation this morning. It was a very simple plan. I've reorganized my office so that it actually works no matter … Continue reading When good plans go bad