How Do You Do It All? You FLOW

Hey guys, I'm taking a break from filming to give you a written word: FLOW We can sometimes feel overwhelmed when we wear many hats and are expected to do everything well.  How do I deal with it?  I don't.  I stop.  I back up, take a break and wait for the Father's voice to … Continue reading How Do You Do It All? You FLOW

Today’s Inspiration

Sometimes you wanna give up. DON'T. Don't give up, give in.  Give into the leading of the Holy Spirit.  Pray for peace of mind.  Receive it.  Feel His presence come.  Feel the stress dissipate.  Listen for His voice.  Open your Bible and absorb His word.  Pursue peace.  This is what we can't give up on. … Continue reading Today’s Inspiration

Letting Go of Disappointment, Hurt & Anger (Repost)

Just Rest in Him-Then Move

Faith works in 2 opposing principles: rest & movement. If you are a go getter (or maybe for a laid back person, too) you can see how this could be a little frustrating. I'm a go getter. I hear, I move (my husband says I'm a runner). So sometimes resting can be challenging. But why? … Continue reading Just Rest in Him-Then Move

Critical Tips on How to PROPERLY Take a Mental Health Day (Part 2)

Hey my peoples, I forgot to give you the tricks to the trade. I've learned over the years to put my mental health days on a need to know basis. And if you're the one causing me to need a mental health day, you don't need to know when I take one! Check my video … Continue reading Critical Tips on How to PROPERLY Take a Mental Health Day (Part 2)

Take a Mental Health Day

When was the last time you took a mental health day?  The last time you were completely immersed in doing absolutely nothing?  The last time you took care of only YOU?  The last time that YOU were the only thing on your to-do list? We all need a mental health day now and again.  The … Continue reading Take a Mental Health Day

How to Make Your Mind “Rest” (I Think I Figured it Out)

I don't even understand the concept of how to clear my mind.  I can't even figure out a method of making my mind go blank (unless it's something completely catastrophic).  Type A's out there know how hard this is. Even when I'm not trying to think, I'm thinking.  Planning.  Organizing.  Mulling.  Inventing.  Strategizeing.  Analyzing.  Double … Continue reading How to Make Your Mind “Rest” (I Think I Figured it Out)