It’s My First Haul, Y’all!! Rose’s/Maxway & Dollar Tree

If you've been looking for great deals for fall, like inexpensive 3 wick candles and glass jar candles, do not skip this post!! There are some incredible deals at Roses/Maxway and Dollar Tree! I'm about to show you my first haul y'all! Here's pics of what I found while at Roses.  I found the … Continue reading It’s My First Haul, Y’all!! Rose’s/Maxway & Dollar Tree

Our Front Yard Makeover! It Was a HOT MESS!

This is a significant upgrade for our house.  You SEE what it looked like before.  Actually it looked MUCH, MUCH, MUCH worse before that!  There were 3 layers of rock & weed barrier that had to be dug up and there was grass and weeds growing all in between.  Like I said, a HOT MESS.  … Continue reading Our Front Yard Makeover! It Was a HOT MESS!

Sprouting Our Own Spuds!

I'm back with a gardening & patio decor tip.  Did you know you could sprout your own spuds?  Plant your own potatoes?  Yield your own Yukons??  Tee hee.  Ok, on with the post.  We have grown taters before and man, they are too much fun!  The key is to keep the soil loose because you'll … Continue reading Sprouting Our Own Spuds!

FABULOUS Dollar Tree Finds!

Hi guys! Have I got some stuff for YOU! I found some incredible things at my local dollar tree this week and I can't help but share. First, be aware that the SPRING COLORS are out! Yes!!! So all those gorgeous greens, terrific teals and awesome oranges are out! Not to mention the hot pink. … Continue reading FABULOUS Dollar Tree Finds!

My New Coffee Bar

Hi guys!  I'm here to share again.  Today it's my coffe/tea bar.  But before I get started, I must apologize.  I know I've been M.I.A. for a while.  I'll chalk it up to a new semester (yep, I'm still teaching math, y'all!), tax season, a few illnesses in the family, my oldest's basketball schedule and … Continue reading My New Coffee Bar

Family Room Entertainment Center Makeover

Hi guys! This post is a little weird.  Like the other ones are normal, right?  Anyway, our family room has a massive Thomasville entertainment center that we're not using.  Why aren't we using it?  Because the people I live with are "special".  Ok, full disclosure, the TV fits inside, but the children couldn't see the … Continue reading Family Room Entertainment Center Makeover

Great Holiday Advice from a Friend of Mine

Hi y'all!  I've got a great tip.  Well, some of you may think it's crazy, but honestly it's a stroke of genius!  My friend Tiffany has a crazy schedule.  She teaches, is married with 2 sons & is always on the go.  Well, the other day we were enjoying some good old fashioned retail therapy … Continue reading Great Holiday Advice from a Friend of Mine

The Best Way to “Freshen Up” Your Home for Fall

This will be a quick little tip. I have 2 sons and a daughter. To say that the air quality has its ebbs and flows would be an understatement. So, when they come home smelling like the hundreds of school kids & staff they've encountered, I keep the "phew" at bay by using these little … Continue reading The Best Way to “Freshen Up” Your Home for Fall

He’s Lost His Mind, People!

Sooooo, I'm talking to the husband the other day and there seems to be something on his mind.  He wants me to finish painting the bathroom!  OH ARE YOU KIDDING ME?!?!?!  Stop it.  Just STOP IT!  I am not up for that!  *Side note:  you know the list of about 17 things that you shouldn't … Continue reading He’s Lost His Mind, People!

Mommy Life Hacks! 5 Excellent Ideas!

Hi all!  I want to share some tips that have saved my buns time & again.  Here they are! 1.  Run out of room spray (air freshener)? Use your body spray!  I have been given gallons of body spray that I didn't like or didn't finish (I can be distracted by another fragrance sometimes).  So … Continue reading Mommy Life Hacks! 5 Excellent Ideas!