Got it

I got it.  I finally found the scripture that explains what I am feeling.  I couldn't explain it successfully until I found it in the Bible.  I thought I was losing my mind or just being rebellious (at least that's how others felt about me).  I thought, "Maybe my filter is just slipping."  Nope.  It … Continue reading Got it

Just Because You’re in the Wilderness Doesn’t Mean Something is Wrong with YOU! PART 1

Here's part 1 of this series.  Leave me some comments about what you think, what you've learned and what you've experienced!

About Me

Hey guys!  Here's an intro for those who don't already know me (and a laugh for those who do).  I decided to ditch the old school "one sheet" approach I had up before.  So enjoy!  Just click the pic... If you'd like a sneak peek at my book, check it out here.  All my books … Continue reading About Me

Sometimes You Have to Stop to Move Forward

I've hit a wall. A wall of "too much". Too much doing. Too much to do in too many places. I'm sure you've been there before. I've been asking God for things and then trying to make my own way to them. I've been completely out of character. I've rushed instead of resting. I've moved … Continue reading Sometimes You Have to Stop to Move Forward

Are You Scared of God?

Christmas time is here.  I want to put one thing out there.  It's an excerpt from a daily email I'm subscribed to.  Check it out and tell me what you think. "Hebrews 10:17 then He adds, “Their sins and their lawless deeds I will remember no more.” When I was a young Christian growing up … Continue reading Are You Scared of God?

Family Room Entertainment Center Makeover

Hi guys! This post is a little weird.  Like the other ones are normal, right?  Anyway, our family room has a massive Thomasville entertainment center that we're not using.  Why aren't we using it?  Because the people I live with are "special".  Ok, full disclosure, the TV fits inside, but the children couldn't see the … Continue reading Family Room Entertainment Center Makeover

Have a Longevity Outlook When it Comes to Parenting

Parents (moms especially) sometimes get upset over small, insignificant things. I’m just being real. Stuff like flipping out over a dirty counter, but not acknowledging the beautiful art made for me by the child who made the mess. Yes, I’ve done it. Our pastor calls it “majoring in the minors”. We’ve been programmed to strive … Continue reading Have a Longevity Outlook When it Comes to Parenting

Listen to your Inklings

Have you ever had one of those days where you are just hit by an urge to do something, but you have no idea why?  Well, some call it intuition, some call it conscience but in my case, I call Him the Holy Spirit.  For instance, I've been avoiding putting air in my tires even … Continue reading Listen to your Inklings

Monday Mom Tip: Cut the Crud

Noun:  person, place or thing I'm ditching anything and everything that is clinging, draining, debilitating, stagnant, unproductive or hurtful.  Back to the top of this post. Noun:  person, place or thing I found that when I decided to move away from things that weren't showing progress, progress came!  I've been so busy the last 3 … Continue reading Monday Mom Tip: Cut the Crud

Monday Mom Tip: Check Your Pipeline (Decluttering Tips)

Check your pipe line. Is it time to declutter?  Yes, I know that some of you just went on a massive decluttering, New Year's resolution, this year will be different crusade.  But have you checked on your upkeep since then?  Is the clutter starting to resurface again? Maybe it's time to check your pipe line.  … Continue reading Monday Mom Tip: Check Your Pipeline (Decluttering Tips)