I owe you a Mom Tip! Here’s an Excerpt from my Book to ease the pain…

Man, it's been a wild weekend!  Mother's Day, graduations, a passed family member, turning in grades, whew!  So in all the hustle and bustle, I missed a Mom tip!  Well I decided to thrown in a little snippet from my book instead.  I hope you enjoy it!  Leave me your thoughts below. Champions Parents should … Continue reading I owe you a Mom Tip! Here’s an Excerpt from my Book to ease the pain…

Listen to your Inklings

Have you ever had one of those days where you are just hit by an urge to do something, but you have no idea why?  Well, some call it intuition, some call it conscience but in my case, I call Him the Holy Spirit.  For instance, I've been avoiding putting air in my tires even … Continue reading Listen to your Inklings

Monday Mom Tip: Embrace the New

As I get more experience in this life, I've had to learn to embrace the new nouns.  New people, new places & new things.  Fortunately, I'm the type of person who likes the new.  My problem?  Knowing when to (& how to) let go of the old.  Recently I've had a big change in my … Continue reading Monday Mom Tip: Embrace the New

Do You Ever Just Want to Keel Over?

If you don't know what "keel over" means, let me save you the wikipedia search. It means: To collapse or fall into or as if into a faint. Yeah, now you get it!  I remember hearing my mom saying it when she was ready to fall out from exhaustion.  Well, today was my first day … Continue reading Do You Ever Just Want to Keel Over?

Monday Mom Tip(s)…Last big push before Christmas!

Hey everyone!  I don't know about you, but this has been a whirlwind of a week!  It seems that everyone has planned a meeting, convention, talk, project, assignment or event this past week and put me on the invitation list.  It's not a bad thing unless you lose one important thing-balance.  I had to make … Continue reading Monday Mom Tip(s)…Last big push before Christmas!

Monday Mom Tip!

Are your and your kids having a knock down drag out fight over what to wear?  Well, pull your Mom card, because you're about to use it.  With having 3 children, there's a never-ending flow of laundry.  Correction tsunami!  I've actually pulled my back trying to do all of their laundry.  Yeah, folks at church … Continue reading Monday Mom Tip!

It Ain’t Dead Til It’s Dead

Yes I know you just love the grammar in that title! Lol However, that's not the point! I was sitting on my porch this morning and was just looking and thinking. It was very early and still cool. As I was sitting there, I was looking at the state of my front yard. It's not … Continue reading It Ain’t Dead Til It’s Dead

Up at 2am, sneaking ham…

  Yep.  I'm up at this ridiculous hour & I don't even know why!  I guess it's because I fell out on the bed asleep at 8pm.  Or it may have been the ham in the crock pot saying "Come get meeeee...I'm so tastyyyy" lol!  Either way, I'm up.  I'm thinking about the events this … Continue reading Up at 2am, sneaking ham…

Confession: The Crazy Old Lady Was Right All Along!

When I was growing up, my mom would call herself a "crazy old lady".  Then again, she'd call her mom that, too!  Even though that may seem like a derogatory saying, she'd say it with respect.  It was usually in phrases like, "That crazy old lady outsmarted me again!" or "Little girl, you better listen … Continue reading Confession: The Crazy Old Lady Was Right All Along!

Abba, My Father

Have you ever been excited for no "tangible" reason?  I am having a great day.  I really hope you did, too!  Please share about yours below!  It started with new experiences, meeting new people & doing new things by making new efforts.  I decided to take my two youngest to VBS.  No big deal, right?  … Continue reading Abba, My Father