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A Huge Success! Thanks!!!

Thanks for the overwhelming show of love & support guys!  I am still answering messages, comments, posts & texts about yesterday's event!!  I had a great time answering questions about the book, it's origins and how it could save your household (and your hair).  I met some great people & hope to be back soon. … Continue reading A Huge Success! Thanks!!!

Come See Me Tomorrow!

Hi all!  I'll be the guest author for a book talk tomorrow!  I'm so grateful that the Mebane Public Library allowed me to talk to their readers about my book!   So come on out & get your autographed copy of my latest book!

How I Plan a Month’s Social Media Posts in 30 Minutes or Less

Hey everyone!  I've posted this on FB already, but thought it was a worthy share.  Here's some awesome tips for you that may help your month go a bit smoother.  Enjoy!  (Also, if you have tips, PLEASE SHARE!!) Find something that inspires you and write about it.  Your daily walk in the park, having a … Continue reading How I Plan a Month’s Social Media Posts in 30 Minutes or Less

Ignore the Distractions & Keep Pressing!!!

My daughter's been threatened with suspension from her bus. What did she do? Not sitting in her assigned seat. Why? Another child is sitting in her seat, so she has to sit elsewhere. Has she tried to handle it? Yes. She talked to the boy 3 times and he's refused to move. Has she told … Continue reading Ignore the Distractions & Keep Pressing!!!

Have a Longevity Outlook When it Comes to Parenting

Parents (moms especially) sometimes get upset over small, insignificant things. I’m just being real. Stuff like flipping out over a dirty counter, but not acknowledging the beautiful art made for me by the child who made the mess. Yes, I’ve done it. Our pastor calls it “majoring in the minors”. We’ve been programmed to strive … Continue reading Have a Longevity Outlook When it Comes to Parenting

Monday “Mom Tip”

Got little ones?  Respect their height situation!  They can't reach everything we can & we don't always want them reaching what they can reach.  Try reorganizing your kitchen storage areas.  Set aside a lower cabinet just for them.  Put their favorite cups, plates, bowls, utensils, dry snacks, napkins and roll of paper towels in their … Continue reading Monday “Mom Tip”

Meet the Author!! Dec. 6 from 5-6:30 at Deep Roots Market

In the Greensboro area?  YOU'RE INVITED! To order your copy today on Amazon, click the picture above. If you'd like to reserve an autographed copy, reply below, use my contact page or email me at  See you there! To learn more about Deep Roots Market, click here----->      

How to Steal Time to Write (and an update on my new book)

Just an update:  I've been working on this book (Are We There Yet?  How NOT to Kill Your Kids Before They Turn 18) for about a month & I've come across some really interesting requests!  I've met moms of boys who want odor removing advice, moms with eye-rolling kids who want advice & parents who … Continue reading How to Steal Time to Write (and an update on my new book)

Writers: Neck Sore? Try These Methods of “Writing”

The keyboard can be killer!  Even though I can type really, really fast (I used to key mail for USPS-need I say more?), sometimes my neck just screams at me to take a break.  The problem?  The words are still coming & I need to get them down!  My solution?  Whip out my handy dandy … Continue reading Writers: Neck Sore? Try These Methods of “Writing”