Hi guys,

I’ve decided to make this special area just for moms.  I’ve had my own personal revolution (revelation, really) & I invite you to come along.

Let me cut to the chase.  I’m a mom.  I’m a wife.  But I’m God’s child first & always.  When something really grates my nerves, I don’t immediately accuse myself of being rebellious or “in the flesh”.  As I’ve quietly reflected over the years, I’ve discovered that there’s a lot of things that I’M NOT SUPPOSED TO DO.  God had to teach me, that I’m not the one to teach my children EVERY lesson.  I should just be the soft place.  The place where (after they’ve made a less-than-desired choice) they can come back to for healing, peace, restoration & encouragement.  A place that reminds them that they’re the righteousness of God in Christ & that God has not left them.  So when I started approaching my life from a place of peace, a lot changed.  Don’t get me wrong, there are still flare ups, but when I remind myself of my standing in God, many things don’t require a reaction, but a declaration & affirmation.

So in that spirit, I made this area for us.  A safe place.  A place for healing, peace, restoration & encouragement.  Everything may not make sense, be unbelievable at first or just flat out disagreed with.  Ok.  That’s cool.  But this is my story.  This is my testimony & this is where God has me and how He’s gotten me here.  If you’d like to enjoy the oasis with me, just click in this area.  It’ll have a little bit of everything, but it’ll mainly focus on:

How to believe you’re worthy of investment

Why investing in yourself is the first and best way to improve your family balance

How to invest in yourself

How to install fences (achieve & maintain a place of rest & peace)

How to find time & space for YOU that actually WORKS (no temporary fixes)

How to know when you’re balanced

It’ll also include areas for health, beauty & fun stuff just for us moms.  So stay tuned!  It’ll be so much fun.  I also want to hear your thoughts & ideas.  I love a good convo, and since this area is for us moms, who better to start the conversation!

Thanks for stopping by & you’ll be hearing more from me soon!