Car Chat with the Middle Child (DANGEROUS)

If you have kids, you know how dangerous it is to let them film a video with you.  GOD ONLY KNOWS what will come out of them!  ANY part of them!!  Anyway, we'd like to introduce you to our middle, JJ.  Enjoy (fair warning, he's as goofy as we are and he's embraced teenage snarkiness-yay) … Continue reading Car Chat with the Middle Child (DANGEROUS)

How Do People DO THIS?!? (Car Chat 2)

We're back again!  Part 2 of our adventure in Saturday shopping.  Y'all need to help me understand how you do this every week.  This is for the BIRDS!

Catching Up & Car Chat

Hi guys!  So....I've been kinda slacking on this blog.  Why?  Because I've been building my Instagram feed, Facebook Page and Facebook Group.  In the midst, somehow I stopped sharing my videos here.  I know, I don't know how I forgot to do it, either.  Anyway, I'm here to make amends and to invite you to … Continue reading Catching Up & Car Chat

How Do You Do It All? You FLOW

Hey guys, I'm taking a break from filming to give you a written word: FLOW We can sometimes feel overwhelmed when we wear many hats and are expected to do everything well.  How do I deal with it?  I don't.  I stop.  I back up, take a break and wait for the Father's voice to … Continue reading How Do You Do It All? You FLOW

Lessons for 2018 (DON’T SKIP THIS MESSAGE!)

Do You Know?

I'm not sure where I found this image, but it spoke to me and I had to take a screenshot.   We should always remember to think of ourselves the way the Father does: beautiful.  Some may not agree with that statement.  Before you can count yourself beautiful, you must know what beautiful means.   Let's take … Continue reading Do You Know?

Got it

I got it.  I finally found the scripture that explains what I am feeling.  I couldn't explain it successfully until I found it in the Bible.  I thought I was losing my mind or just being rebellious (at least that's how others felt about me).  I thought, "Maybe my filter is just slipping."  Nope.  It … Continue reading Got it

Come See Me Tomorrow!

Hi all!  I'll be the guest author for a book talk tomorrow!  I'm so grateful that the Mebane Public Library allowed me to talk to their readers about my book!   So come on out & get your autographed copy of my latest book!

Don’t Let the World Drive You!

Some girlfriends and I were talking recently and were discussing how we could be the best we could be.  The ladies I was talking to are all in some way entrepreneurs (speakers, authors, personal stylists, nonprofit owners, brick & mortar store owners, online store owners) and we agreed that it's tough in these streets trying … Continue reading Don’t Let the World Drive You!