Will Getting Rid of Your Carpet Get Rid of Your Allergies?

What do you think?  Anyone tried it?  I need some feedback, people! https://www.facebook.com/tonyajoynermomlife/videos/196843837821242/

You Don’t Know how Powerful You Are!

You Won’t Always Understand, but it’ll Always Come Together

Comparison & Competition Ruins Relationships

To Those Still Hanging in There With Me…

I've been blogging and vlogging for years and I appreciate every one of you who have stayed!  I've been posting more videos (my hubby makes cameos now) on FB and have even opened groups and pages to help stay focused.  It's not been easy the entire way, it just took adjustment and embracing the change … Continue reading To Those Still Hanging in There With Me…

A Great Way to Pray Over Your Family

Hey y'all!  We know family comes first.  So we do all we can to protect them.  The best way to protect your family is to know how to stay in your lane.  You can buy every gadget known to man, but God is the best protection.  He is the Lord!  So let me share how … Continue reading A Great Way to Pray Over Your Family

Just for Moms Edition…

Hey ladies, I'm having one of those days.  Those red days.  Get it?  Those RED days.  You know, the one they call your period.  I finally understand why they call it a period.  It's a period of time when you stop holding in, filtering and sugar-coating your feelings and start saying everything that's been on … Continue reading Just for Moms Edition…

How Do You Do It All? You FLOW

Hey guys, I'm taking a break from filming to give you a written word: FLOW We can sometimes feel overwhelmed when we wear many hats and are expected to do everything well.  How do I deal with it?  I don't.  I stop.  I back up, take a break and wait for the Father's voice to … Continue reading How Do You Do It All? You FLOW

Lessons for 2018 (DON’T SKIP THIS MESSAGE!)