How Do People DO THIS?!? (Car Chat 2)

We're back again!  Part 2 of our adventure in Saturday shopping.  Y'all need to help me understand how you do this every week.  This is for the BIRDS!

Catching Up & Car Chat

Hi guys!  So....I've been kinda slacking on this blog.  Why?  Because I've been building my Instagram feed, Facebook Page and Facebook Group.  In the midst, somehow I stopped sharing my videos here.  I know, I don't know how I forgot to do it, either.  Anyway, I'm here to make amends and to invite you to … Continue reading Catching Up & Car Chat

Merry Christmas!!!

This image will never get old for me.  Even though it's meant for Valentine's Day, the true meaning of Christmas is the Father's undying love for us which was shown by giving us His one and only Son on Christmas Day.  When you give to those who love, that's nice.  When you give to those … Continue reading Merry Christmas!!!

Grocery Tips, Hair Tips & More! Part 1

Grocery Tips, Hair Tips & More! Part 2

Our New Fall Favorite Recipe!  Come cook with us!

Hi everyone!  This is our first video (Lord help us all) and we're teaching how to make our latest & greatest fall favorite dish!  So check it out & let us know how yours turns out! First things first.  Be sure to gather these ingredients: 2 lbs ground turkey (thawed/fresh) 2 cans of pasta sauce … Continue reading Our New Fall Favorite Recipe!  Come cook with us!

Life Hacks You’re Gonna Love!!!

Hey everyone, I'll keep this short.  These are some of the BEST!  If you ever get a good 30 mins free, it'll change your life to search "life hack" videos.  Here's one to start you off!

I Went Label Crazy, Y’all! Spice Tips, Too…

My latest love has got to be my label maker.  I have fallen head over heels for this thing!  From labeling my file folders for my greeting cards to relabeling my spice rack, it's gotten pretty hot & heavy!  I wanted to share this with you because it really has made a great difference with … Continue reading I Went Label Crazy, Y’all! Spice Tips, Too…

Sprouting Our Own Spuds!

I'm back with a gardening & patio decor tip.  Did you know you could sprout your own spuds?  Plant your own potatoes?  Yield your own Yukons??  Tee hee.  Ok, on with the post.  We have grown taters before and man, they are too much fun!  The key is to keep the soil loose because you'll … Continue reading Sprouting Our Own Spuds!

Liquid Meat Tenderizer is THE BIDNESS!!!

Here's my tip for the day! Every time I use this product I'm amazed! It's all natural and so easy to use. Those pork chops I cooked on the George Foreman came out like butta'! I should have done a video, but I was hungry. Just sayin'. Anyway, here's my video from this morning on … Continue reading Liquid Meat Tenderizer is THE BIDNESS!!!