I LOVE the Craft Store! Shop with me!

DISCLAIMER:  THIS IS AN OLD VIDEO.  These sale prices may not be going on by the time you view this!  Come with me as I get some stuff for our dollhouses. https://www.facebook.com/tonya.joyner/videos/10156305977270011/

Save the Yoga Pants, Hoodies & Activewear!

I know this is not the post you were expecting, but it's a post so many of us need!   It'll be fall/hoodie/sweats season soon, so here's a lifehack to help you get ready.  Enjoy!   https://www.facebook.com/tonya.joyner/videos/10156217239950011/

It’s Time to Tell Your Story

I can't write well enough.  I can't spell.  I can't afford it.  I don't know what to say.  I'm afraid.  No one wants to hear my story.  I don't have time.  I don't know how.  People won't like what I have to say.  There are too many steps.  I don't have the resources. None of … Continue reading It’s Time to Tell Your Story

Grocery Tips, Hair Tips & More! Part 2


Add Privacy to Your Glass Windows & Doors Using Mod Podge!

Hi guys! Do you have windows or doors that need privacy?  Here's a great DIY that'll show you how to do it for less than $5! Ok, first off, my app destroyed my original video, so I have no video footage of the original front door. 😑  However, I was able to salvage enough for … Continue reading Add Privacy to Your Glass Windows & Doors Using Mod Podge!

My Favorite Organization Diva!!!

Hi guys, If you've never heard of At Home With Nikki or At Work With Nikki, you've GOT to check her out!!!  She has awesome information, tutorials, resources & reviews for every area of your life!  She just blessed my business with this desk organization & tips video!  It's specifically named for a reception desk, … Continue reading My Favorite Organization Diva!!!

Life Hacks You’re Gonna Love!!!

Hey everyone, I'll keep this short.  These are some of the BEST!  If you ever get a good 30 mins free, it'll change your life to search "life hack" videos.  Here's one to start you off! https://youtu.be/PTxKVZr7RF4

Perfect Little Cleaning Trick For Whiteboards!


Is Your Office FREEZING? A Crazy Tip That Works!

I'm gonna bless you today.  No, really.  It's gonna blow your mind and make you bless God!  If your office is cold when you go in (for whatever reason) and you have power, you only need one other thing: a regular, old school coffeepot   Yup.  No joke.  So how is it gonna help you?  … Continue reading Is Your Office FREEZING? A Crazy Tip That Works!

Need Free (& Almost Free) Images? Here’s a BIG LIST!!

Hi everyone, I may have shared this video before (if you follow me on FB you've seen it-start following to get my tip videos first), but even if I did, it bears sharing again.  Those of us who are bloggers, business owners, use social media or just want to make cute cards, logos or printables … Continue reading Need Free (& Almost Free) Images? Here’s a BIG LIST!!