Is Your Business Failing or Stagnant Because of Your Fear of Change?

Hey everyone.  You know I love you, right?  You know I want you to be successful, happy & peaceful, right?  Well here's some advice that just may change your life for the better!  

Start That Business in 2017!!

Letting Go of Disappointment, Hurt & Anger (Repost)

What’s Your Dream?

Take time out dream!  Stop running & ripping making someone else's dream happen and work on yours!  If you're tired of something in your life, there's a reason.  Take time out to sit and dream.  Don't waste time worrying about what is happening, sit and consult God on what could be happening in your life.  … Continue reading What’s Your Dream?

Are you doing the right things for the wrong reasons?

Hi everyone! I felt like this was a timely message, especially with the holidays right around the corner. Sometimes we take our eyes off of what is important to address what is pressing. Everything that is pressing for our time is not important (like that flash sale on cheese when you have a freezer full?), … Continue reading Are you doing the right things for the wrong reasons?

Testimony Time!!! Update on My Baby Boy & His Emergency Doctor Visit!

Hey guys! I just had to stop back by and let you know what happened. There's also some good info for those who may experience the same/similar thing with their child/children. Enjoy!

Word from God: Don’t get distracted!!

Good morning! I hope you're well. I have a video for you this morning. If you're going through, just take a listen. I hope if helps you through your day and beyond! XO, Tonya

Don’t Use “Waiting on the Lord” as an Excuse

It's a trap too many of us fall into.  "Waiting on the Lord."  I know some are waiting to pounce on me for making this statement.  If this statement makes you uncomfortable, then it may be just what you need to hear. So many situations call for patience and perseverance.  When that time of stillness … Continue reading Don’t Use “Waiting on the Lord” as an Excuse

Instead of Telling Our Kids to Slow Down

If I believed what the my child's principal & his former teachers imply, I'd think my middle child has a learning deficiency!  But thank God I've been teaching since 1998.  I've tutored since 1993 (well actually since elementary when I'd help the other kids with their math).  Anyway, is anyone else going through this common … Continue reading Instead of Telling Our Kids to Slow Down

Don’t Get Shoved into a Box!

Hi guys, Just a quick post.  Many of you know I own a business or two ( being my favorite).   I look to serve many types of people with different tastes.  But they all must like one thing: jewelry.  In an effort to serve my followers, I've come across many different blogs.  One "blogging rule" … Continue reading Don’t Get Shoved into a Box!