You can do it! Believe it!

You couldn't have told me a year ago that I'd be the owner of a book publishing company.  This was not my plan.  It was God's plan for my life.  I had no real indicators (that I could have given you) that this is where my life would be.  Looking back, I guess I shouldn't … Continue reading You can do it! Believe it!

I Won When I Gave Up (Does Your Business Have an Exit Strategy?)

I've been MIA for a while.  Why?  I had another life lesson to learn.  Some of you know, I own a few businesses.  My publishing business has taken off like a rocket and I am so grateful to God for it.  I've met some fantastic people, learned things I'd never come across on my own, … Continue reading I Won When I Gave Up (Does Your Business Have an Exit Strategy?)

I LOVE the Craft Store! Shop with me!

DISCLAIMER:  THIS IS AN OLD VIDEO.  These sale prices may not be going on by the time you view this!  Come with me as I get some stuff for our dollhouses.

Will Getting Rid of Your Carpet Get Rid of Your Allergies?

What do you think?  Anyone tried it?  I need some feedback, people!

Save the Yoga Pants, Hoodies & Activewear!

I know this is not the post you were expecting, but it's a post so many of us need!   It'll be fall/hoodie/sweats season soon, so here's a lifehack to help you get ready.  Enjoy!

DJ & TJ Car Chat! (Playing Catchup)

Hi guys!  We've really started getting into this car chat stuff.  We hope you're enjoying it, too.  If you want to see more, just follow me/us on FB "Tonya Joyner momlife".  There's a group and a page.  Enjoy this vid!

Car Chat with the Middle Child (DANGEROUS)

If you have kids, you know how dangerous it is to let them film a video with you.  GOD ONLY KNOWS what will come out of them!  ANY part of them!!  Anyway, we'd like to introduce you to our middle, JJ.  Enjoy (fair warning, he's as goofy as we are and he's embraced teenage snarkiness-yay) … Continue reading Car Chat with the Middle Child (DANGEROUS)

Sinus infections are of the devil! (Playing Catchup)

Yeah, the subject is odd, but the pain is REAL!!!  In case you've decided to randomly click this topic, I'm still catching you up to my Facebook & IG followers.  I just have one question:  who has successfully overcome recurring sinus infections?  HELP A SISTA OUT!

How Do People DO THIS?!? (Car Chat 2)

We're back again!  Part 2 of our adventure in Saturday shopping.  Y'all need to help me understand how you do this every week.  This is for the BIRDS!