To Those Still Hanging in There With Me…

thank you note.png

I’ve been blogging and vlogging for years and I appreciate every one of you who have stayed!  I’ve been posting more videos (my hubby makes cameos now) on FB and have even opened groups and pages to help stay focused.  It’s not been easy the entire way, it just took adjustment and embracing the change more than anything.  I miss my old blog/vlog where I’d post everything and anything I was going through whether it was parenting, Bible study, work, small business, etc.  But, in some ways it’s easier.  I know what to post and where to post it.  But in the back of my mind, I wonder if I lost some of you by dividing my topics.  I don’t want to do that by any means.  Is this blog important to you?  Have I lost you because I moved some of my life to different areas? Let me know.

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