A Great Way to Pray Over Your Family

Hey y’all!  We know family comes first.  So we do all we can to protect them.  The best way to protect your family is to know how to stay in your lane.  You can buy every gadget known to man, but God is the best protection.  He is the Lord!  So let me share how I protect my family…

Psalm 91.  Yep!  But I don’t just read it, I amend it to cover my entire family.  Sometimes I pray it over friends, relatives, enemies, and people I don’t even know!  I pray on other’s behalf because they may not be praying for themselves.  Who can’t use some prayer over their life?

Now, before I give this to you, please don’t get “super holy” on me and think that only YOUR prayers make the world go ’round.  Get over yourself.  You’re not that smart, powerful, all-knowing, or consistent.  God handles everyone’s everything and there is no questioning that.  First step:  humility.  Acknowledge the Lord.  Let Him know verbally that He is in control, not you.  Acknowledge that He sent His Son to save you and that’s the only reason you can ask Him anything and expect to receive it.

Speaking of believing, when you believe what you ask, you will get it!  That’s why sometimes you don’t get what you ask for.  Remember, you “have not because you ask not”.  You need to ask for some things.  There are a lot of wonderful promises that are what I like to call “standard in our salvation package”, but there are things we need to have and know that we just don’t ask for.  Then we end up missing out.

Another tip:  don’t speak what you see, speak what you WANT to see.  We are little gods.  We were made in God’s image, just like puppies are made in the dog’s image.  If our Father can speak in the midst of a dark void and create light, so can we!  If He can speak to a mountain and it move, so can we!  If He speaks then sees, then so do we!  But…what have you been speaking lately?  Positivity that will make the world better and brighter?  Negativity that will make the world worse and darker?  It’s your mouth, so it’s your choice.  But don’t blame God or anyone else when things turn out JUST LIKE YOU SAY.

Ok, down to the meat of the message.  Psalm 91.  It’s a beautiful, powerful, wonderful psalm that speaks of the Lord’s unending, unfailing love toward us.  But I’m not dissecting it today.  I’m giving you instructions on how to use it.  Once you use this method, you’ll understand why.



Here is what I pray:


The difference is, I had to make it personal.  I had to make the Word just for me (and those I’m praying for) and relevant RIGHT NOW.  I took out “will” because I wanted to recognize that it’s not coming, it’s DONE.  The enemy likes to lie and say we have to work to get something.  However the truth is, Christ has done it all for us already.  Our life is a book.  It’s already written and sealed.  We’re just walking it out through time.  But perception is everything.  If the enemy can make you think you have to earn, work for, beg for, manipulate for, or even pray for your blessings, he’s got you.  So that’s why I focused on things being done, not waiting for things to be done.  When the Psalm was written, Jesus had not yet come, so it makes sense for the author to write in future tense.  But that’s not so for us.  We serve a risen Savior!  He’s already given us reconciliation to the Father and we are joint heirs with Christ.  We’re not waiting on anything.  Christ has already taken our punishment and given us His righteousness and inheritance in exchange.  So we’re not waiting on anything.  It’s already done.  So in that line of thinking, I took out any past tense words and put them in present tense as much as possible.  I want to ever be mindful that my God is with me RIGHT HERE, RIGHT NOW.  I don’t need to be hopeful, my hope is HERE, NOW.  Everything I ask for has already been done for me.  When I receive that, I see that.  So when I speak, I expect to see what I spoke, not what I see with my eyes.

For those concerned about “adding to and taking away from the Word”, don’t be.  Again, we are not living when this was written.  Consider it this way.  Your grandparent may have dreamt of the day that phones didn’t have cords, freeing them from the bondage of having to be in a stationary place to make a call.  We don’t have to deal with that (even though some of us remember that struggle).  It would sound crazy for us to say, “One day, I’ll be able to make a call from anywhere without worrying about the cord.”  Right?  Of course!  That issue has already been handled!  Just like my protection, healing, righteousness, and more are in my salvation as a gift of grace through Christ Jesus over 2000 years ago, those issues have already been handled and are PRESENTLY mine to take full advantage of.  NOW.  So changing the tense is not adding to or taking away from the Word, it’s understanding your PRESENT SALVATION.

So, now that you have read both versions, what do you think?  I’d love to hear some feedback!

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