An Incredible Revelation About Transition

Hi guys,

I know it’s been a while.  I’ve been living life and staying in my lane.  I wanted to share what I heard this morning while listening to an audiobook:  Abba Calling, Hearing…From the Father’s Heart Every Day of the Year by Charles Slagle.

This book has blown my mind!!!  I’d call the messages “nuggets”, but that would be a huge insult.  Day after day you can get an entire meal to feast on!  It’s incredible!  I wanted to share with you about Day 64 (Chapter 67) Heb 11:8-10.  It’s so important to understand or at least acknowledge what comes with transition.  Let’s look at it like repotting a plant.  Even if you’ve never done it, just stick with me.  It’ll become clear.

You have had a plant in the same pot for some time.  It had been growing very well, was very responsive and appeared to be healthy.  Lately, it’s been yellowing or showing sickly symptoms.  You water it, give it sun and even nutrient supplements according to the packaging that came with it, but to no avail.  What could be wrong with it?

It needs a transition.

It needs more space to grow.  It’s blocked by where it is.  It needs to move.  The roots can’t expand to absorb more nutrients that the plant needs to thrive.  So it’s dying.  Unable to rise to its full potential.

Just like that plant, you need to move.  You must go from a being in a confined state to a freeing, liberating state.  Your spirit will let you know.  The old people, places, and things don’t satisfy.  The old mindsets, formulas, and scriptures don’t seem to get the same results.  There may be times you feel unfulfilled, edgy, dissatisfied, hungry for more, unable to just settle.  It’s not something that can be remedied from the outside.  All of the tea, massage, yoga, essential oils and meditation in the world won’t make it go away.  It’s time for a transition.

Your spirit needs space to grow.  But to grow, you have to be repotted.  When you repot a plant, you have to dishevel it a bit, even in the best situations.  You are supposed to gently remove it from the pot, but in some cases, the plant’s roots have become entangled in the pot openings or even grown through the pot.  Sometimes, the roots have grown in a pattern and pushed against the side of the pot, disfiguring it, and making it very hard to remove it.  Sometimes you have to actually cut the pot off.  You may even have to cut off some of the roots to free the plant.  You may find that the roots have grown around and around in circles, looking for a place to expand, but no exit was available.

So what happens to us as Christians when we need a transition?  The same thing as that pot.  We were in a space that allowed for freedom and growth, but now, it feels stale.  Stifling.  Smothering.  We know we need something, but can’t really identify it.  We’ve been trying to push through our circumstances to a better space, but can’t seem to break free on our own.  We’ve tried to overlook the symptoms, resulting in an outward appearance that is less than healthy.  We feel restricted, unable to make progress, going around in circles.  But we have a way out.

We pray.

We ask the Father to show us what’s going on.  What does He need from us?  *As if we can give a God that made and owns everything anything but thanks and praise.*  What is going on with us?

We are in transition.  He’s seen that where we are can no longer contain us and it’s time to move.  It’s time to grow.  It’s time to see what He has prepared for us.

We can agree, and get transplanted/transitioned, or we can fight it and stay stuck, trying to go further in a place that has no space, causing further injury to ourselves, binding us, hindering us, confining us, cramming us into a space we no longer belong.  If we are wise, we go with the former, agree with the Father, and allow Him to put us in a wide, healthy place.

But it doesn’t always feel right initially.  Being transplanted/repotted is an interesting thing.  Let’s examine the general steps:

  1.  Lightly water your plant to help the root ball and soil slide more easily out of the pot.
  2.  Remove the plant from the pot as gently as possible.
  3.  Prune the roots if necessary (remove mold, rot).
  4.  Clean the new pot.
  5.  Add nutrient rich soil to new pot.
  6.  Position plant in new pot using the old soil level as a guide (unless the plant has been falling over-then plant it a little deeper.)
  7.  Fill new pot with soil around the plant.
  8. Water the newly potted plant.

So let’s look at what happens.  The plant is watered (given one last burst of refreshing) before leaving, removed from its former place by stripping old things away, then old things are cut off.  Then, its moved to a new, clean, expanded space where it’s given a broader foundation, positioned properly and surrounded by even more than it had before, and given another blast of refreshment.

That sounds really, really good, doesn’t it?

Consider yourself.  Are you like that plant?  In need of transition?  Here are some keys from one of the paragraphs to let you know:

*The old people, places, and things don’t satisfy.

*The old mindsets, formulas, and scriptures don’t seem to get the same results.

*There may be times you feel unfulfilled, edgy, dissatisfied, hungry for more, unable to just settle.

*It’s not something that can be remedied from the outside.  All of the tea, massage, yoga, essential oils and meditation in the world hasn’t made it go away.

It’s time to look at your life and then look to the Father, friend.  All of the indicators are there.  It’s time to allow the Lord to move you to the wealthy place He promised.  It’s time to grow.

Did you know you can inhibit a plant’s growth by the size pot you put it in?  Most plants purchased from the store need to be repotted as soon as you buy them.  They’ve been sitting in that pot, on a truck, then in the store for God knows how long, just waiting for someone like you to set it free-give it the means, permission if you will, to be what God intended for it to be.  So ask the Father to do the same for you.  If you feel stuck, ask Him to set you free!

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