Just for Moms Edition…

Hey ladies,
I’m having one of those days.  Those red days.  Get it?  Those RED days.  You know, the one they call your period.  I finally understand why they call it a period.  It’s a period of time when you stop holding in, filtering and sugar-coating your feelings and start saying everything that’s been on your mind-PERIOD.  *pausing so you can get your much needed, hopefully sympathetic, laugh out.*

Y’all know I’ve been doing more video lately, but today I have to lay low.  The hubby is in the other room and whenever I do a video, he faithfully supports and “hearts” them.  Well…I don’t think he’d support or heart this subject!  It’s bad enough he has to endure it, but hear me tell folks about it?  Nah…he’ll pass.

Anyway, I wanted to share some things I’ve found that have helped me deal with the inconvenience of this season.

1.  Ginger-it seems to quiet the pain and take the dull ache off.  Ginger tea (thank you, Jesus) and ginger candy (found at my local Roses-thank you even more, Jesus) are my favorites.

2.  Evening Primrose oil capsules-OMG, it’s like it’s not even on.  Well, it is (sucks), but you almost forget.

3.  Yoga-yup.  And there’s yoga just for it.  Hit YouTube and thank me later.

4.  The usual:  sleep, chocolate, heating pad, warm blankets, and more sleep.  Oh, and bananas!

So what do you ladies use to “tame the time”?


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