There’s Something About Clarity…

This may sound a bit petty (don’t care), but there’s so much that the Lord has given me that man has turned his nose up at. Sometimes those that “say” they accepted what the Lord has placed in me tried to pervert it. I went through much pain of trying to fit into what other people thought I was (me not understanding my purpose or having low self-esteem), people trying to make me fit into their plan (them using me), and even giving up and feeling empty and lost. I’m glad to say that those things that God spoke into me are never lost. They’re still there…burning. Smoldering and waiting to come forth in a blaze. It’s not gonna be a campfire or a bonfire, but a pillar of fire seen across oceans. People thought Bernie Mac was being crass, but I now understand what he meant when he said, I ain’t scared of you MFs. There’s a point where what people do, say, and think has no bearing on what you do, say, and think. I know what my Father has for me is bigger than people’s opinions. I know that my Father has placed my tribe of supporters out there and they’re just praying for me to get where they can reach me. And that place is immeasurable. What am I gonna do? I’m gonna get in that place and shine. I’m gonna line up and not be afraid. When the flame comes on, the naysayers won’t be able to say anything, because they’ll be burning from the pillar of fire that is within me. And in case you thought this post was about me or you, it isn’t. It’s about allowing the Lord to get ALL the glory from what He has put in me, taught me, birthed in me and through me, and the strength, faith, and love He’s put in me for the masses. So whoever is out there reading this that’s gotten their feelings hurt, confidence bashed in, Words from the Lord trampled on, and run roughshod over in general: baby, don’t worry. Your time is coming. Hold onto what THE LORD has given you and don’t let go. Your time is coming. For those who’ve been treating people like crap, yours is too. You’ll have to see how you’ve been behaving and come full circle to the side that’s been receiving all your garbage. Take it from us who’ve been here…it ain’t fun. But the Lord has something for you, too: forgiveness, new perspective and understanding, an unchanging place in His heart, brothers and sisters who will be there for you while you go through the transformation from who you are currently to who He designed you to be. God bless you and let’s go out there and be nice.

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