Got it

gal 2v20

I got it.  I finally found the scripture that explains what I am feeling.  I couldn’t explain it successfully until I found it in the Bible.  I thought I was losing my mind or just being rebellious (at least that’s how others felt about me).  I thought, “Maybe my filter is just slipping.”  Nope.  It was much more than that.  My filter wasn’t slipping, it was disintegrating.  I just didn’t have time for the song and dance of this fake, ineffective, diluted, toxic excuse for religion in my life.  I know there are tons of people out there who are trying to change themselves so God will accept them.  Even worse, there are tons of people out there trying to change themselves because they think God will leave them if they don’t.  This is ridiculous and unacceptable.  It’s time to see the Father for who He is and always will be:  The One who sent Jesus to take our sins so He could love us, bless us, hold us, comfort us, redeem us like He always wanted to.  That’s been done, so now it’s time we accept what He’s done.


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