Don’t Let the World Drive You!

Some girlfriends and I were talking recently and were discussing how we could be the best we could be.  The ladies I was talking to are all in some way entrepreneurs (speakers, authors, personal stylists, nonprofit owners, brick & mortar store owners, online store owners) and we agreed that it’s tough in these streets trying to promote our businesses!  We’ve put in countless hours and sometimes see nothing in return.  It can be so much pressure to perform and conform!  Have you felt or seen it lately?  These folks in social media will have you losing your mind trying to make everything look perfect.

So when we got together to catch up & compared notes, we all came to the same conclusion:

we have to run our own race.  

We can’t compete or compare with anyone or anything & expect to have peace in this life!  I mean that in 2 different ways.

We can’t compare because there’s no one like us in all the world.  When Jesus made us, He broke the mold!  So we shouldn’t look at where others are in life & desire it (you may not want what you think you’re seeing).  No one can compare to you!  Jesus thought you would be so awesome to have that He took time to make every cell & tissue, every curve & straight place.  Not just as you are now, but from the womb to your last breath!  Isn’t that AWESOME?!?!!  You are a beauty, a marvel, a wonder, an impeccable creation, fearfully and wonderfully made, priceless, incomparable, immeasurably precious and perfect (YES, you ARE).  Nothing is actually wrong with you unless you perceive yourself to be less than what He created and loves.  He absolutely adores you, is proud of you and will do anything for you!  Ask Him to help you love yourself and see yourself the way He loves you and sees you.  Then extend that same love & view to those around you.

Also, we can’t compare because it’s a negative, joy sucking beast!  When I start comparing my stuff to others’ it tires me out.  Why do they have this?  Why don’t I?  What do I have to do to get it?  How can I keep it?  I’m tired of doing it because it’s stupid!  I can’t compare my home to your home.  Mine has a completely different purpose in my life than yours does.  I live here, you live there.  Yours has a certain number of occupants, square footage, color, decor, etc. for a reason.  HIS REASON.  Your house may look great on IG or FB, but it may be too big/small, noisy/quiet, urban/rural for what my family needs.  Why would I waste my time thinking what He does or gives to me is not good for me?  Don’t get me wrong, we should ask pertinent questions that are actually relevant, but in most cases, we are looking at stuff being jealous on some level or another.  Why??  Don’t we trust the Father?  Don’t we know how much He loves us??  We’ve got to keep our heads on straight.

Competition is an ugly thing.  We do it for numerous reasons.  In this society, we seem to be competing for likes, follows and shares.  What a waste fighting for something that we actually already possess.  Did we forget all that He has already given us?  Isn’t the same mistake Eve made in the garden?  Whatever the Lord has deemed to be yours will be.  We don’t have to fight over who gets what, has what, when they got it or how they got it.  So, we can’t compete because there is no competition once we realize and remember who we are in Christ. The sooner we see that and revel in the peace that accompanies that fact, the more stable our thoughts, feelings and lives will be.  At the end of the day, it’s not our business to say who should have what and why and we should be eternally grateful that we’re His in the first place.  Besides, He has enough (more than more than enough-no, that wasn’t a typo) to give everyone what they want and abundantly more than that!  So why compete?  It’s a waste of time, energy and faith.

We also can’t compete because it goes against the very nature of who we are now, whose we are & what He’s about.  Since when did Jesus hustle, drive, grind for money??  He came from heaven where money (gold) is literally walked on under everyone’s feet?  Did you catch that?  We’re working our tails off, stressing for something that’s literally going to be under our feet in heaven.  And as Jesus is, so are we in this world.  So if gold is under Jesus’ feet now, it’s under our feet now, too!  Instead, shouldn’t we be focusing on the more important things (evangelism & helping those of the faith)?

I’m sure you’re asking yourself:  Well, Tonya, how am I supposed to do that with all of these things demanding money?  Where do you suggest I get money if I don’t go after it?  These bills don’t accept “faith” as payment!

Agree to disagree.  Faith is acceptable payment.  As is favor.  The Word says that your gift will make room for you.  It says your blessings will overtake you.  It says that the one job we have is to go into all the earth and proclaim the Good News of Jesus Christ.  When we keep Christ as our focus, all things will fall into our laps.  The only thing we’re lacking is the focus.  Change your focus to remain on Christ and His finished work and you’ll see change for the better.  Train your mind to see what Christ has done.  When things try to drag you into the past or say what you haven’t done, speak life by declaring that Jesus has already paid for your entire life at the Cross.  That includes your salvation (your past, present & future sins have been washed away by His blood-Titus 3:1-8), your health (by His stripes we WERE healed 1 Peter 2:24) and any other provision we need (He who did not spare his own Son, but gave him up for us all–how will he not also, along with him, graciously give us all things? Romans 8:32)

People used to say “If you take care of the things of God, He will take care of you.”  I’ve seen so much abundance in my life when I share the Gospel.  The Holy Spirit once told me to put out a prayer can at work.  I thought it was crazy (and illegal since I worked for the government) until that can was full of prayers from atheists, unsaved and saved alike.  The saints would get together on our 15 minute break, walk around the building and pray, sing & declare and decree over the people who worked inside.  People were healed, strengthened and converted!  Just by putting the spotlight on Jesus!!

We can’t worry about the things of this world.  The stress of it will put us in a terrible place, harming ourselves and others with verbal, mental and/or physical abuse.  We see it in the news and in those around us.  We may even see it in ourselves (it’s also known as a breakdown, temper tantrum, break down, fit, etc.)  So don’t let the situations of this life take the place of your faith in the Father.  Also, be patient.  Things may not necessarily change instantaneously.  Sometimes the Father wants to show you something awesome that’ll change your life for the better.  It just may take time for you to have the light bulb moment.  But He’s faithful!  He won’t let you fail.  You’re still in the palm of His hand and no one and nothing can take you from His safety and provision.

So let’s work on our likes, follows & shares.  Ready?

Like yourself the way you were created.  Thank Him for how He took the time to make you & gave you absolutely everything you’ll ever need in this life.  Be rooted in His love for you, then…

Follow the leading of the Holy Spirit.  Pray, love, evangelize to those in your circle, in your life, in your community and workplace when the door is opened to, and finally…

Share the Gospel!  Plant the seed, water the seed & the Lord will provide the increase.

Thanks for taking time to read today (my baby girl fell asleep on my office couch & I didn’t want to wake her making a video).  I appreciate your patience & the fact that you allowed me to extend some love your way.

Have a great day & blessings & peace to you!!!


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