Our New Fall Favorite Recipe!  Come cook with us!

Hi everyone!  This is our first video (Lord help us all) and we’re teaching how to make our latest & greatest fall favorite dish!  So check it out & let us know how yours turns out!

First things first.  Be sure to gather these ingredients:


2 lbs ground turkey (thawed/fresh)
2 cans of pasta sauce
1 package of Lumaconi noodles (we found these at Dollar Tree!)
1 Vidalia onion (diced)
Black pepper (ground)
Garlic powder
Sea salt
1 pat of butter (salted or unsalted)
*You may want to add the following:  shredded cheddar cheese, Parmesan cheese, black olives, diced/cubed pepperoni, sausage or mushrooms.

First, melt the butter in a pan or skillet.
Next, put the noodles in a large pot & cover with water.
Boil for 9-12 minutes depending on desired texture, drain & set aside.
Saute 1/4 cup of onions in the butter, then add the ground turkey.  This is when you can add any additional ingredients to make the recipe your own.  If you want to sneak in veggies, chop very finely and add with the turkey as it cooks.
Brown the turkey (draining is optional) & then add the sauce.
Combine with the browned turkey mixture.
Add shredded cheddar, Parmesan or other toppings as desired.

Get ready to make it again and again!  To hear even more tips & details, check out the video.



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