There’s more than one kind of safety word



I read this years ago in a parenting magazine and it just came to mind recently.  A safety word is traditionally a word to alert someone to some kind of danger.  When I was a kid, it was used if someone had to pick me up from school or daycare.  That way I knew I was with someone who’d spoken to my parents.  It was always some wacky, unexpected word so no one could just come up with it.

While those types of safety words are great, those situations don’t arise all the time.  So when I saw this type of safety word, I was so excited!  This would be a totally awesome tool for when you’re entertaining or on the phone.  It’s also great when you’re with your child in front of someone and you don’t want to embarrass them (or you) by asking them to stop and pay attention.  Maybe even as a focus word for homework time!  So set the word and let your child know what it means.  Try it out!  Practice makes perfect!

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