Sometimes It Doesn’t Work Because Your Destiny Is TOO BIG!

Y’all I’m finally getting it.

Why I didn’t achieve what I expected so many times.

It’s too big.

You can’t cram into a space that wasn’t built for your destiny.

It explains the haters, the side eyes, the awkwardness, the broken friendships, the time I felt was lost.  I wasn’t the wrong person.  I was in the wrong place.  I wasn’t in the wrong time.  I wasn’t where I could be appreciated, relished & grown.  I wasn’t too little, my destiny is TOO BIG.

I recently learned this when I stepped out on faith in 2 different ares of my life.  I had been afraid of rejection and being to asked things I couldn’t figure out how to accomplish.  So for a long time, I didn’t do the most basic, first steps.  I tried to go around foundational procedures to avoid hurt.  It was self sabotage.  The other thing I did was trying to fit into a small mold.  Why did I do it?  Because I was scared to fail.  But by being scared to fail, I set myself up for failure.

Consider a plant.  It needs 3 things: sun, soil/water (some plants can grow in just water) and space to grow.  You can even check these things in the Scripture.  Remember the story of the thorns/weeds and the plant?  If you’re in the right place, you will thrive.  No doubt.  That’s the good soil.  You’re exactly where you’re supposed to be.  But you can still learn and help others even if you’re not in the right place.  So let’s look at some situations that (if seen on a regular, systemic basis) are red flags.

If you’re not planted (you’re still on the outside looking in-refuse to invest, stop researching & start moving, not participating), birds will come gobble you up (things sent by the enemy).  These can be distractions from others or using resources for other things.  Some of us spend our seed money (cable, phones, shoes, hair, nails, cars, houses, others) trying to look like we’re successful instead of planting the seed and getting a larger harvest than we ever imagined.

If you’re cramped (rocky soil), you won’t.  You have too many obstacles to navigate around and it will sap your resources (time, energy, money, etc.).  Look at all your places your money goes.  Look at where your time is spent.  What do you spend your energy doing?  Where you spend your time most is where your priorities are.

If you’re too close to others, you won’t get enough nourishment because you’re having to compete with those around you (weeds/thorns).  You’ll pop up fast, but have no place to root and ground you so that when droughts come you have something to tap into and get enough nourishment to sustain you.  The heat of the situation will hurt you.  Some friends aren’t friends.  Some colleagues aren’t even that.  Some folks are just in your way.  Check your crew.  Make cuts and start recruiting.  Your team should be strong.  They should push you and direct you when you get down or need help.  If they’re not on your team, they shouldn’t be so close to you.  Watch as well as pray.

You need sun to help you through the processes.  That’s the Lord.  He is the sun (Son), the way by which you can do all things.  Notice how plants always face and even lean to the sun?  It’s because they know where their help comes from.  They turn to their source to stay alive and thrive.

Enough is enough.  Stop downplaying what you are, what you’re meant to do and be.  You are a bad sister and you know it!  You can be humble and still be a phenom.  Look at Jesus.  The baddest dude around and he’s chilling with sinners left and right.  Was He scared?  No.  Did He dilute himself?  Nope.  So what are you doing?  You can’t put Jesus in your heart and NOT be off the charts!  So instead of hiding, shirking, whimpering and cowering, step out and shine!  We NEED YOU!  Stop trying to find some other identity to fit into because you’re scared folks will cut and run on you.  Bump them!  They’ll figure themselves out and you can have a lunch convo about how it all worked out for your good later.  But for now, go out and be the bad-*** you ARE!

Love you & many blessings,


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