The Next Phase

Hi guys,
Yeah, I went MIA again.  We had to complete a phase of life that just took so much of my time that I just got off balance.  Just being real.  I had prayed, asked, declared, decreed and it seemed to get the upper hand.  However, when I asked for the Father’s perspective, it became very clear:  training.  A stepping stone.  A launching point.  Which is definitely not the end of something He himself promised!  If you have something in your life that He has promised (some of you may have notebooks and journals full of things He’s promised), then it WILL come!  It may not come as you asked, expected or believed, but it will be so much better in quality and/or quantity than you could ever have imagined.  Take hope and peace knowing that from before the foundation of the earth, these things were established.  Stay focused on prayer and serving others genuinely.  Pray for them like you’re praying for yourself-earnestly!  Take time to revisit the promise.  Sometimes we miss it because we thought He said this and He actually said that.  Write down what He says so you can refer back to it.  Take time to reflect.  Take time to appreciate.  Take time to teach others around you what is going on and how to handle it.  I didn’t say tell them all your business, but be a help and an encouragement to those who are or may go through what you’re experiencing.  People are looking at how you handle your setbacks, pauses and blocks in life.  You have been put in their life to be a help in some way.  If the door has been opened by the Father for you to share, don’t be afraid.  You’re covered.  You’re provided for.  You’re enough.

I hope this post has been a help to you.  I’ll be back when I can.  Thanks for hanging in there while I navigate this phase.  I pray your phase goes smoothly.  Always focus on Jesus.

Love you!





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