How I Plan a Month’s Social Media Posts in 30 Minutes or Less

Hey everyone!  I’ve posted this on FB already, but thought it was a worthy share.  Here’s some awesome tips for you that may help your month go a bit smoother.  Enjoy!  (Also, if you have tips, PLEASE SHARE!!)

  1. Find something that inspires you and write about it.  Your daily walk in the park, having a great cup of coffee when you finally decided to change brands, whatever.  We wanna hear about it.
  2. Those catchy mugs, tees and pictures with slogans in your house?  Write about how they make you feel.  Someone else wants to hear about that.
  3. Random insightful moments are GOLDEN.  Take time to write how you feel about them!
  4. Don’t reinvent the wheel.  Find inspiration from other’s posts & revamp them!
  5. Work backwards.  Start with something that makes you feel.  Then write about it.
  6. When you don’t have time to write, make a list of “stuff to write about”.  I used to keep a jar of ideas on my desk where I’d always write.  It was so great to pull an idea when my well had run dry!
  7. Recall a silly memory.  Tell us about it.
  8. Ask someone else what’s interesting, troubling or inspiring to them.  That’s a month of posts right there.
  9. Do your kids do crazy, goofy or really dumb stuff?  Child, that’s worth its weight in diamonds!
  10. Pull out the Bible and stick your finger in it.  Read where your finger rests.  Write about what the Scripture says to you.

Ok, that’s probably enough to get a few good posts going.  What ideas or methods do you use to get your creative writing going?


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