Using Instagram For Your Business? Here’s Some Quick Tips!

Instagram is awesome.  If you know how to utilize it.  Here are 5 things I’d suggest from experience.

  1.  Know if you should use it.  It’s not for every business.  But if you have a visual business (where seeing your product/service in action would help people see & understand what you do) & it’s worth the time & tools needed, go for it!
  2. Know how to use it.  Take one of the billion free webinars on it.  Try SCORE.ORG first & foremost.  They have nothing to gain by you learning from them & they’re free.  They have reputable info & the mentors in the organization have been where you are & retired as a champ (multi billion dollar industry leaders) in their respective arena.
  3. Know when to use it.  Don’t be on there posting all times of the day and night.  There are some basic rules (most people say no more than one to 3 posts a day, but it depends on your business).  Be careful when you post because there’s a magical hour when all the pervs come out and #instagood becomes #instagross.
  4. Know where to use it.  This is not the time to use your bathroom selfies.  Unless your business is about taking bathroom selfies.  Taking good, clear, interesting (conversation starting) photos that will DIRECT PEOPLE TO YOUR BUSINESS is key.  Yes, food pics get you likes, but you know doggone well you don’t sell donuts, so stop  posting about it.  Your pics should tell people what you do, how you do it & show how your clients/customers love you.
  5. Know who to reach by using it.  Remember the magical perv hour I spoke of earlier?  There’s also a magical customer hour and a magical business contact hour.  BE SURE TO KNOW THE DIFFERENCE.  I notice that I have a lot of others who have jewelry businesses following me.  That’s cool, I guess, but I stopped following them back.  Why?  They skew my numbers.  I’m looking for customers more than networking on IG.  If I want to contact business owners, I can DM them.  Or use LinkedIn.   I don’t want to use data that will tell me when to reach another business.  I want to look at my feed and see a bunch of women who wear statement jewelry & will always want more.  If it’s not showing me that, I’m doing something wrong.  Speaking of IG data, try the Iconosquare site.  It’s free for basic info & you can upgrade to get even more.  But I can use it to track my analytics on IG.  It hasn’t let me down yet.  I know when my followers are on, what filters & pics they like most, what hashtags are hot and which hashtags I’m under utilizing.  I can see my own feed, the feeds of my followers & who I’m following.  But the best part is the analytics by far.  I love that the site will tell me when the best days & times are to post based on my followers’ interactions with me.  Who doesn’t want that?  There are a ton of other resources that would take too long to expound on.  So check it out.  Tell me what you think.

Alrighty, I hope this helps.  If you have questions, just drop me a line!


UPDATE:  As I was checking my optimization (where all the really good data is), I found out that Iconosquare now charges for analytics.  Yeah, it’s a whopping $2.40 a month now!  But I think that it’s more than worth it if you use it on a regular basis.  Anyone’s business would greatly benefit from it to avoid just putting stuff out there and hoping for the best.  I’d pay someone just to not have to figure all that data out myself!!  And the service has been free for 4 years, so I think they’re more than  justified to ask for that amount.  What do you think?

UPDATE ON THE UPDATE:  Anyone using IG now see that they’ve added the insights area to the top row of buttons in your feed.  YAYYYY!  If you’re serious about your business, track that data from week to week to see how you’re doing.  It’s made a world of difference for our businesses.  I also now use an app that tracks when people follow/unfollow me.  Some people follow you then immediately dump you once you follow back.  It makes their numbers look good and it’s a jerk move.  Like dumping someone via text.  Homey don’t play that!  (I just really dated myself.  Wow.)  Anyway, stay on top of that data!  If you need my help with it, just let me know and I can do a video to help you out.

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