This Tip Right Here is GOLDEN!!!

Hey y’all!

There are many things I regret listening to.  Most are pieces of advice from my mother.  However, this time I got one right!!!  I was in Walmart the other day and was led by the Spirit (no other way to put it) to the meat aisle.  I thought, “Well, they do mark meat down on Sundays, I guess that’s why I felt the urge to come back here.”  I walked to my usual areas looking at the big back of chicken quarters for $6.90 for 10 pounds.  Hmmm, good deal, but I’m tired of eating that.  I went to the beef, “Nope, you’re not tearing my tummy up!”, then to the pork.  A roast maybe?  $15???  Man, those kids will tear that thing up like vultures in 2-3 days!  Then I looked at the ribs.  I was like, “Why am I looking at ribs?”    Then I heard my mother’s voice:

When buying meat, always check the price tags.
Sometimes the stocker will make a mistake on the sticker
and they have to honor the price.

Y’all, I started digging like a yard dog.  I’m slinging rib slabs left and right.  Then, there it was…

Can you see it??  Let me zoom in closer for you.  Holler when you see it.20170611_101608[1]

Yes!!!  Someone made a SIGNIFICANT boo-boo on this one!  So I fed my family last night for under $1.50.  Amen and amen!  Hallelujah!  Believe it or not, there were leftovers!  Praise the Lord.  Ok, I’m done now.  I hope this little tip has helped you and has encouraged you to take a little extra time to dig for some treasure at your local store.

God bless,


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