When’s the Last Time You Actually LAUGHED?

Mean but true statement:  Some of us take life too ****** seriously.  We are so busy being busy, doing, trying, striving, struggling, pressing, stressing, fasting, praying, laying prostrate that we suck all the freaking joy out of what should have been a “yoke is easy”, burden is light” life.  Man, even Jesus laughed, had joy, smiled and went out to dinner with his crew!  Girl, if you are killing yourself trying to live your priorities are ALL wrong!  People should be jealous of Christians because they see how blessed we are.  Not looking at us like “She looks busted, has a bad attitude, got everybody in here stressed, and she wants me to follow her religion?  Bye, Felicia!”  That’s why we have to be careful of the testimony we express and display.  Trust God.  Get your nails and feet done and chit chat in a normal way with average people.  Get back to yourself.  Go eat something yummy and fattening and don’t stress about it.  Take a friend out, buy your kid that stupid, unnecessary thing they have been bugging your about-within reason, give your boss a thank you gift (even if they’re a butt), stay in your husband’s arms instead of running off to do chores.  In other words, MORE MARY, LESS MARTHA!  What was wrong with Martha?  She was crazy!  You got Jesus in the room and you trying to COOK???!  Child, I woulda been all up in HIS FACE!!!  Ok, let me calm down.  Please enjoy your life.  Take time to reflect on what I said earlier, go back and look at what I said and STOP:

“killing yourself trying to live”

I love you & the Father does too!


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