What the Ham Sammich Am I Gonna Do With These Kids??? (Summer Freakout Edition)

Hey y’all!
I ain’t playing with that title.  Yeah, I talk about planning and stuff, but there are some areas that are still lacking.  I don’t know WHAT I’m doing with these chirren this summer!  Well, the middle has a STEM camp for 2 weeks, they’ll be going to my parents for a week, but that leaves what, 5 weeks of…dog if I know!

The biggest thing is our business.  We’re both in it full time.  There’s tons that they COULD do to help, but I really am not sure how that’s gonna work.  They can do minor things like cleaning and stocking and stuff, but you don’t want to have your children dread their future empire by making them be there every open hour.

I have some ideas.  We have friends with pools, there are some events that’ll be going on.  There are museums and then there’s my favorite:  family time!  What’s family time?  When a member screams those 2 words, we are (supposed to) congregate and submit ourselves to whatever activity they say to spend time together.  They include but are not limited to:

playing outside (badminton, 2 square, 4 square, basketball, water balloon fight, walking to the park, playing at the park, yardwork-my husband’s evil idea, watching clouds, listening to rain, etc.)
movie time (one of my favorites)
Charades (make your own game and I’m telling you, nothing will be the same!)
YouTube goofy videos (the try not to laugh, cutest animals, funniest videos, etc.)
Mysteries at the Museum (one of our favorite shows on the Travel Channel)

There’s also going to the museums (there are a ton free in NC), taking a drive, walking around in the bigger parks, food festivals, going to the mall, etc.

So there are a lot of options, but with 5 weeks, 35 days, 840 hours…we’ve gotta figure something out!  Any entrepreneurs dealt with this?  Help a sista out!!!

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