Living in Harmony

Think this quote is just about Black History Month? Nope. Just about race relations? Nope. Just the state of the world in general? Nope. Let’s take baby steps.

How about we apply this lesson to our homes?

There are days I just want to….well, do something that would not be categorized as constructive. The Bible says: A wise woman builds her home, but a foolish woman tears it down with her own hands. That is so true. But what’s even faster than hands is the mouth.

How many times have we had a great day, situation or moment then said something stupid? No, stoopud. I mean, just so dumb that you want to smack yourself! I’ve been there! Maybe you have too.

So, what can we do? First, be grateful. When you’re relishing the moment, enjoying how good it is, thanking the Lord for it, it’s harder for those crazy thoughts to enter in. There’s simply no place for them. Second, vocalize how thankful you are and why to others. An atmosphere of praise always shifts the mood and encourages others to join in. Finally, help someone else to see the good in their day. No matter how big or small a compliment, the goal is to make them smile and start a flow of praise to the Lord from their lips. So fix your eyes on the goodness of the Lord and start living in harmony with those around us. That’s how we fix the world. Start in our home then move out to our community, city, state and the world.

Have a great day and I pray that you’ll see all the good around you and tell others how great the Lord is for it!

Love and encouragement,


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