What’s Your Dream?

textgram_1476917076.pngTake time out dream!  Stop running & ripping making someone else’s dream happen and work on yours!  If you’re tired of something in your life, there’s a reason.  Take time out to sit and dream.  Don’t waste time worrying about what is happening, sit and consult God on what could be happening in your life.  He has plans, dreams and goals for YOU!  Time to start listening to what HE says about your life and start moving accordingly.  Do you have a vision board?  Expound upon it by making a notebook.  Have the notebook?  Make the checklist.  Have the checklist?  Fill out the calendar.  You can take steps towards your dream.  But they’re your feet and only you can use them.  Need a good place to start?  Try Pinterest.  Make Dream Boards!  There’s nothing you can’t do.  Just take some time to hear His Spirit concerning your life.  Contrary to what some are saying, we don’t have to wait until the by and by to enjoy our life.  If you have to be dead to enjoy it, why call it living?

Yeah….ponder on that.

Love & encouragement,


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