“Do Not Fear”


I won’t even try to count the number of times the Bible says to not be afraid.  Someone did already.  Google it and let me know what it says!  LOL  But seriously, what do we have to fear?  God made this whole world as a gift and playground for us.  Why do we tremble at little things when we are so precious to our Father that he controls each and every blood cell, breath & circumstance?  Let’s repent.  Not the crying, snotting, screaming that some have taught, but the actual meaning of the word repent:  to change one’s mind.  Change your mind about the outcome of your situation.  It WILL be good.  Change your mind about how you think God is.  He is FOR you, not  against you.  He is concerned about everything you are and has already worked it out in your favor.  God is the ultimate perfectionist!  He loves you so much that he designed every detail about you!  Think on this:

God was so enamored by you that he decided how you would look down to every cell from birth to eternal life.  So when you were born, 1 day old, 2 days old, up until this very second and until eternity, HE DESIGNED YOU.  Oh yeah, you have His attention.  He loves you infinitely.  He’s already handled your business and only wants the best for you and for you to enjoy the life He gave you.  So give Him the gift of enjoying your life.  Trust me, you have NOTHING to worry about!


Love & encouragement,


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