What’s in Your Cup?

1While some may prefer coffee, others may prefer tea and still others (especially in this weather) adore hot chocolate, we must gravitate and always crave water.  Not H20, but the water that washes us.  The Word.  I heard recently that the first 7 minutes of your day dictate the rest of your day.  Hmmmm….I don’t know if that’s true, but that first few minutes do mean a lot.  When you open your eyes, what do you do first?  Stumble to the bathroom?  Run to the bathroom?  lol Grab your phone?  Grab your spouse?  Turn on the TV?  Turn on the radio/music?


I won’t lie.  I don’t thank God within the first 7 minutes MOST of the time.  But within the first 7 minutes I do realize that He is there and that I need to say SOMETHING to Him.  Sometimes it’s a declaration over my day.  Sometimes it’s a prayer.  Sometimes it’s a Thank You.  But no matter what, be sure to start your day with Him.  Trust me, you’ll need Him before the day is out!

Love & encouragement,


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