Is Your Office FREEZING? A Crazy Tip That Works!

I’m gonna bless you today.  No, really.  It’s gonna blow your mind and make you bless God!  If your office is cold when you go in (for whatever reason) and you have power, you only need one other thing:

a regular, old school coffeepot


Yup.  No joke.  So how is it gonna help you?  Run 2-3 cycles of plain water.  The steam from the process will warm your office (or area near the pot) in seconds!  I used to have to do this when my old store was open and the management would forget and turn the heat off on the weekend.  Hey, you gotta do something to survive!  And no one wants to buy jewelry in 50-60 degree weather.  So hopefully this little tip helps you and be sure to pass it on!

Love & encouragement,


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