Great Places for Christmas Decor! It’s Not Too Late!

I was talking to a friend yesterday about if she was finished doing Christmas decorating yet.  I got the side eye.  She said, “Girl, no.  And at this rate, I won’t be by Christmas!”  I replied, “Well, we keep ours up til almost Valentine’s so it’s cool!”  But if you’re not done or want to put some finishing touches, here are some videos that may help you out.  There’s still 14 days until Christmas and that’s plenty of time especially if you pace yourself.  You may just need to tackle one thing a day.  I mean literally.  Just put the tree up today.  Just put the lights on tomorrow.  Just put the ornaments on the next.  Instead of trying to do it all in one lump, you can take bite sized pieces and relish the event.  I always consider my children and their future kids when I stretch things out.  Who wants all the drama and stress?  Who says we HAVE to do it the way it’s always been done?  Let’s give ourselves the gift of PEACE this Christmas!  Ok, soapbox away, here’s the videos.  Be sure to come back for the next one after you’re done!

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