Have A Little Girl You Need To Keep Busy? SUPER TIPS!!!

Hey y’all!  It’s been a minute since I’ve put up a DIY post for kids.  But this is my absolute favorite thing to do!  It actually saved my business!  But that’s for another post.  Anyway, if you’ve been with me for a while, you remember me mentioning My Froggy Stuff.  If not, just search my blog & it’ll pop up.  Well, we’ve been doing arts and crafts inspired by her videos for about 2 years now I suppose.  And man has it been fun!!!  Check out some of these candid shots (candid=they may be wonky because we didn’t edit them).  Most also include a link to the video we used or a related video.

Here’s our biggest project to date.  THE CAMPER


It was not quite finished here (as you can see), but it features a lot in a small space!  It has a full kitchen,  20160522_123830.jpg

Stove & mini fridge20160522_123749.jpg

Overhead storage, cabinets 20160522_123730.jpg& sink (don’t ask me where the faucet is-out inspector apparently was paid under the table to let some stuff slip)


Corner bench seating with storage underneath…20160522_123823.jpg

where our dolls love to sit and scarf down ribs!20160518_195042.jpg20160518_1950100.jpg

Some even had too much!20160518_194914.jpgDon’t ask me why there’s a fishing lure worm (no doubt from my Dad) and a snail in the picture.  Oh wait!  I forgot, my daughter said they’re having squid and snails too.  That girl & her imagination…

It also features a bathroom with a tub, invisible sink (it’s there, it’s just clear like the super cool contemporary houses),

20160522_123600.jpgtoilet and hardwood floors (that inspector is so fired).  And get the toilet & flooring guys back in here. 20160522_123551.jpgYou can also see the hot pink & white zebra print bunk beds,20160522_123907.jpg

which convert into additional seating when you flip up the top bunk,

20160522_123837.jpg    20160522_123709.jpg
or into a full open space when you flip both beds up.
The dolls just love it and have lots of fun lounging and enjoying their camper!      20160522_192111.jpg

When they travel, they make stops at playgrounds for the kids.
This one has a great tree house theme, tire swing, climbing rope and regular swing.
It even has cork as a super safe landing material!20150122061707We have made some other (creepy looking) attempts at grand projects.
Our first living room attempt with rock fireplace (super simple and totally awesome).  Would you like one of our 7 cakes?
20150122061437We’ve made a washing machine, the dryer is God knows where, guitar and bedding.  Not to mention the gargantuan closet!
On the next pic I put a link for closet ideas.  I figured you didn’t want one looking like this one!  LOL!!!!
20150122061507All that closet & 4 hangers.  Making hangers is the WORST!20150122061518

Our dining room table & chairs.  The fridge is to the left.  Another experience that was a labor of love.20150122061424And some came out really, really well!20150122061417To think that this all started out as a feeble attempt to make more dolly clothes.  2015012206121820150122061308Wait.

You’ve gotta be kidding me.  Whatever.  I love her more than I love the earrings.  I can find more earrings.
Where am I gonna find another daughter as awesome as mine?  Why would I want to?20150122061139    Do these pants make her butt look big?  LOLOLOL!!!!!

Well, we hope you’ve enjoyed seeing our projects we’ve created over the years.  If you’d like to see even MORE inspiration (as if the bajillion links I put in this post weren’t enough), check out My Froggy Stuff on YouTube, Instagram & their blog (they have free printables and all kinds of tips).  Just click the pic below to go to the home page of their YouTube channel.froggy craft fireplace

Until next time, enjoy spending time with your kids!  And draw some bras on those Barbies!



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