Day 2: Turmeric Face Mask

Hey guys!

I had to come back and let you know my results so far. It may not seem like a big deal, but I’ve tried other masks, exfoliants, steam treatments, etc. and none would leave my skin smooth for 2 days straight.  So I’m here to report that my skin is still feeling great!  I put on some moisturizer last night & woke up this morning with a soft, smooth face!  I’m going to leave you with some important lessons I’ve learned about this mini adventure.  You’ll see it rings true for other things in your life as well!

Lessons I’ve learned:

Don’t let things pile up.

Find a skin care regimen that actually works.  Make sure it’s taking off everything bad and leaving everything that’s good.  When you notice something, anything out of whack, deal with it THEN!  Little things become big things when left to accumulate.  Don’t be afraid to wipe the slate clean and start fresh.

Don’t stay with something out of obligation.

I have some products that I was using because of a friend.  A beauty care rep that I always got my products from.  The one thing that worked was CRAZY expensive and needed 2 or 3 other components to keep it working.  Ok, wait-what??  Why am I doing all of this to be broke and still look crazy (looking mad because I was going broke trying to look average).  Nooooooooo.  I’m not keeping this stuff to maintain a friendship.  If I have to keep the stuff to maintain the friendship, was it really ever a friendship?  Or a business transaction?

If it’s not working, ditch it!

You may have switched products to try something out because of an ad, running out of your go-to product or because of the price.  But if it’s not working, is it worth it?  Don’t waste time, effort or money on something that’s not giving you a good ROI (return on investment).  Don’t be afraid to try something new.  Maybe it’s just in need of a little tweak (add a little olive oil, apply more/less, use more/less often) but if it’s not working on a major level, don’t try to fix it-replace it with something else.

I have always gotten commentary (some compliments, some were not but they thought they were compliments) on how young I look for my age.  I just turned 41 last month.  If it weren’t for the greys in my hair, I’d look even younger.  My students and coworkers never believe my age.  They say my face says 10 years younger but the wisdom I exude says 10 years older.  I’ll take that.  My point is, I look young and I intend to continue looking young.  I still feel 20 (until I stay up past 11!  lol) and think it’s good to reflect God’s goodness in how you look at yourself. So what am I saying?

Pay attention to what’s right in front of you.

It’s time to take care of you!

Much love & kisses!


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