5 Minute Meal! No Joke!

Hey I just discovered an awesome recipe that’ll be my Fall go to crock pot meal for sure.  5 minutes of prep and 5 ingredients.   No joke!  Check it out.
What you need:

2.5lb bag of frozen chicken breasts

Poultry seasoning 

Sea Salt (2-3 tbsp)

3 Potatoes 

1 Onion 

*3 tbsp of butter/margarine (optional, but you’ll wish you did!) 

What to do:

Coat the bottom of the crock pot with poultry seasoning. Give a light dusting of sea salt to the bottom as well.  Add chicken. Chop one onion into chunks and throw in.  Chop potatoes (slices or cubes or whatever) and throw in.  Add remaining ingredients on top.  Cook for 4-10 hours in the crock pot.  

It’ll look like this:

Ok, maybe not so messy.  I got a little crazy with the poultry seasoning. Anyway, as I was literally throwing this together, I considered that I could add carrots, or swap the potatoes for rice or pasta, add a cream soup or try turkey wings, beef or pork roast instead of chicken!  Oh, it’s ON!

What would you do to jazz it up?

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