Where have I been???

Hey y’all, 

I have one word for you:


Yeah, child.  Summer vacation ended foe me about 10 days ago and I cried alllllll the way back to work.  I’m getting back in the swing of things so please be patient with me.  I didn’t do a video today because I just did my hair and y’all don’t wanna see that!!  

Oh, for those who are curious, I sectioned my hair into about 10 sections, sprayed it with my DIY mixture and did a two strand twist and put it into Bantus. What’s in my DIY mixture you ask? It is filtered water, about a tablespoon of olive oil and about two tablespoons of aloe vera juice. I put it into a spray bottle and wet my hair very well section by section. Then I dip the tip of my finger into a mixture of grape seed oil and Argan Oil. I work the oil through each section detangling as I go, do a two strand twist and twist it into a Bantu knot. Sometimes I find I need to secure it with a little hair band just to make sure that my ends stay secure. So I will be adding on my satin scarf and calling it a night shortly.

I also want to tell you about something that I am in the habit of doing. I don’t really tell people because they are so judgemental. But I just want to let you know, if you are one of those parents that text their child because you’re downstairs and they’re upstairs, feel no shame!! Yes, I do it all the time. No, I am not going up there to ask 1 or 2 simple questions when the phone is sitting right here at my side. And I know he is probably upstairs playing on his!  Now there is a shameful part. We have an intercom system in our house. Absolutely no excuse to use our phone! So yes, you may freely laugh at that one! 

Okay y’all, I’m going to keep this post short and sweet. I’m so excited that school is about to start. I’m even more excited about my food bill going down, my light bill going down, my water bill going down, you get the drift! I swear if I see the back of my refrigerator and the back of my freezer one more time… These jokers have got to get out of my house!

So anyway, I hope you have enjoyed your summer vacation, I hope you have enjoyed spending time with your children and I hope you have not killed them. I’ll talk with you again soon. 

Until next time,

Love ya!


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