The kiddos are about to go back to school.  Yay!!!  Mine laid around like hobos & have been in the same set of clothes since June. Ok, not that bad, but Lord.  They need to get out of my HOUSE!  Wait.  School shopping=new clothes + old clothes=LAUNDRY!!!!   NOOOOOO!  Who DOESN’T hate doing laundry?!  Well, Tonya to the rescue!  Here are a few tips from Clutterbug. She has the best hacks! I’ll show you one of my own soon. It’s great for people like me who keep a drawer full of cotton tees, tanks and night shirts. (you know, stuff that needs to be accessible but never ironed). I’ll share that later. But for now, on with the show!!

Check me out next time when I share some laundry folding & storage hacks!


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