Just Rest in Him-Then Move

Faith works in 2 opposing principles: rest & movement. If you are a go getter (or maybe for a laid back person, too) you can see how this could be a little frustrating. I’m a go getter. I hear, I move (my husband says I’m a runner). So sometimes resting can be challenging. But why? It’s the perception of what rest requires. For a really laid back person, stepping out on faith may sound like an exasperating task because they may be the type that likes to go with the flow & not rock the boat (don’t want change). For either personality type, it is the opposite of your nature. But it’s necessary and Biblical. So let me help.


Physical rest is great. I love a good nap! But that’s not what we’re talking about. It’s the rest that comes from being rooted & grounded in God’s Word. It comes from building yourself in the faith by reciting, quoting, mumbling, singing, thinking about the Holy Scriptures. Pick your favorite. An easy one to recall that’s very broad. Even if it’s “The Lord is my Shepherd, I shall not want”. You shall not want (lack) for anything. That includes health, peace, answers to situations, wisdom, direction or instruction, financial needs, or anything else you find yourself wanting. Repeating that scripture will wash your mind & spirit and wash off the dirt, dust & debris (lies of the enemy, irritants from daily earthly operations & burdens we haven’t completely submitted to Christ) that we encounter in this world. Resting will raise your head, raise your spirit and let the joy flow because your focus is on the finished work of Christ & not on yourself. This is the basis of grace. You are not under the Law (where you must perform to earn the blessings of God), but under grace (where Christ gave you perfection & right standing with God as a gift). So the rest we’re talking about is resting and knowing Christ has given you the perfect gift of a relationship with God and that He’ll never leave you nor forsake you no matter the situation or your previous or present behavior. Take the gift and rest. Do it daily & you’ll see great success.


Go. Take. Receive. For the laid back, moving or stepping out on faith may seem like walking into spiderwebs. If moving or changing is against your nature, take heart. God has got you! For a laid back person, you may notice that when you hear God say move, you have red flags pop up. Red flags with the words “Where?”, “When?” or “How?” It may not be the issue of the instruction, but the feeling that you need more direction. The best course of action is to reflect for a moment. Reflect on what God has done for you before & use that to propel you into action. If you’re not sure how to accomplish what God has asked, ask for more clarification. If you don’t feel you’ve gotten it, just start doing what you think is best. Yeah, I said it. Make what you feel is an imperfect move for a perfect God. Before you start freaking out (wait, you won’t-you’re laid back, right?), think of it this way:

God is much bigger than you. He’s stronger than you. He had the idea of you, hand made you & planned your destiny from the beginning. So….

1. You can’t surprise Him. Jer 29:11
2. You can’t make a mess too big for Him to clean up. Jer 32:27
3. You can’t disappoint Him. Jer 31:3

Man, I need to go read Jeremiah! it’s got some good stuff in there! Ok, let me get back on task. Just move. You not moving is like trying to steer a parked car. What’s the point? You’re still NOT MOVING! So if God has been quiet, step on it! Try something! Even if (by human standards) you fail, you win! You just learned what doesn’t work and why. You made some connections with people you wouldn’t have encountered otherwise. You got some information that you can bless someone else with! That’s what you’re here for. Go forth in all the land and be His witness. Just move.

So I end this post. Even though rest & movement sound contradictory, they’re just 2 parts to what make up this Christian life. If you want to think of it another way, you must rest so you can move. Hear from His Word, then move. It’s the resting that’s prep for the movement. It’s a cycle. Reflect on it and you’ll see that it’s true. Some of the greatest victories come from these two “actions”. So if you want to move, rest. If you’ve been resting, move.

Love ya much!


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