This DIY Hair Gel is the Bid-Ness!!!

Do you love DIY? Do you have natural hair and need natural alternatives?

20160801_135251.jpg20160801_135231.jpg 20160801_135413.jpg

Maybe you want to consider trying flaxseed gel.  Yeah, girl!  I have used it a few times & it’s been great.  Most of all, it does a great job of holding up against the NC humidity!  At this point, it’s shorter telling the number of days it hasn’t rained versus the ones it has.

I know some of you will want a video of how I make mine.  I haven’t made a video of my personal concoction, but I may in the future.  I want to try some different scents and oils to see what I like best.  But here’s a good tutorial.  I do suggest you add different scents by way of essential oils to preserve your gel & to give a different scent if you don’t like the smell.  It’s hard to describe.  It’s somewhere between grass and the smell of grass after it rains.

A few tips:

  • don’t over boil it or it’ll cause flakes.  You can combat that with coconut oil or olive oil depending on how badly you overdid it!
  • Don’t forget to refrigerate it!  When it goes bad, YOU WILL KNOW.
  • The price of the seeds doesn’t matter & neither does the type of water.  It only costs $3-5 for an entire HUGE container of seeds
  • Don’t throw the seeds away.  You can reuse them (especially if you don’t get your recipe right the first time) and get at least 3 uses out of those seeds, girl!
  • WRITE YOUR RECIPE DOWN.  ESPECIALLY IF YOU STRAY FROM THE ORIGINAL RECIPE!  I would highly suggest dividing the gel into 3 parts and trying a plain batch, a batch with coconut oil, a batch with olive oil, a batch with aloe vera juice or whatever you’re curious about.  I saw some people use honey.  I didn’t, so I can’t speak to that at all.  But the first time I made it, I put something in it and had THE BEST results (even better than this time) and I can’t remember what it was! DAAAAAANG IIIIIIIIIT!  So don’t do what I did, write it down.

On to the video!

Let me know your reviews!  I’m so happy with my results & I just had to show you one more time.  Can you tell how much I’m loving my hair today???


See you again soon,


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