Water Only Hair Washing. My Review!

Hey y’all!

I know I’ve been MIA for a bit, but I took a little mini vacay and actually had no internet service at all.  It was refreshing for me, but almost a suicide attempt for my 15 year old.  LOL!!!!  Anyway, after many requests, I’ve decided to reveal my hair growth secret.  I made a video this time, because it was too much to type.  More than likely any hair posts will be via video through Facebook live.  If you’d like to get the video as it happens, just follow my Facebook page.  Thanks ever so much.  Well, on to how I got my hair to grow so fast in such a short period of time…

I hope you enjoy it!  And as promised, here are some links to some information & products I mentioned in the video:

Water only hair washing website

(there’s links to all the info she has, research, videos, etc. on her site)

Water only hair washing YouTube

(start with the Q&A vids first)

Sebum conditioning with Loving Dee Naturally

(if you decide to use oil rinses start with #73-present)

Shower head with filter on Ebay

(get the shower head and then just buy the replacement beads)

Hand held head massager in purple, black or white

(be warned…you will SLAP YO MAMA when you try this thing.  Don’t have yo mama calling me for ice.)

Vitagoods (via Walmart) $19

Brookstone $18.99

Oils, creams, butters

(free shipping & arrives in 2-3 days usually)

Oh, one last thing.  I forgot to mention that I have type 4b hair.  It’s cottony and in general can be very challenging to manage & hydrate.  However, since I’ve started this method, I have absolutely no problems with moisture and have combatted many prior hair issues due to dryness.  I’ll be back soon with another video dealing with the pros & cons & how to manage your hair during the process of going water only.  If you have questions, ask away!



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