Good Customer Service Should Be Taught, Not Earned

Hi everyone,

Have you been getting treated well by the service industry?  I know they say you get what you pay for, but sometimes you don’t.  Sometimes you pay and still get sub par service.  I hate to tell you business owners, getting money shouldn’t be the motivator for good customer service.  No one should have to PAY FOR good service, because good service is nothing more than common courtesyYou MAY also receive money in exchange for a product or service.  When you need to give more money to get treated better something is really wrong.  When you need a customer to pay more to be treated nicely by you or your staff, you’ve lost sight of how to treat another human being & that’s the real underlying issue.  So whether money is exchanged or not, a servant’s attitude should always be first.  If you’re not intending on serving, you should switch industries.  That’s my topic for today, and I decided to do a video this time complete with crazy stories & a lesson for all to learn!

customer service post

Come back for my next post on customer service!



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