A Few of My Favorite Things…


Hey guys, I am trying to transition back to doing videos, but it’s really tough.  I don’t always have everything in front of me when I can record.  I mean, some thing I can’t actually bring into the room!  Not to mention that with 3 little people, my house is rarely video ready.  So anyway, on to a few of my favorite things.

In no particular order…

Dollar Tree Fruit/Vegetable Knife-Do you have little people who always want apple slices, but can’t be trusted using an apple corer on their own?  This is for you, baby!  I was doing one of my usual browse throughs at Dollar Tree and came across this gem.  I should have bought multiple.  But I only got one and it’s been months with absolutely no issue.  It can cut lettuce, tomatoes, apples, oranges and whatever else you want.  Now, let me recant that.  I haven’t tried it on grapes or watermelon.  So try that at your own risk.  But I wash it in the dishwasher from time to time & have had not one problem.  I don’t know if they’re still available because when I searched for them on Dollar Tree’s website, I couldn’t find them.  Go look anyway.  LOOK HARD!

Family Dollar Vinyl Mini Blinds-I think I mentioned these before, but wow.  I mean, wow.  Everywhere I was shopping for them was like $10+.  So to find them for a measly 5 spot?  Yessirrrrr!  Also, I had to replace like 5 pair, so no, I wasn’t looking to spend my gas money on some durn blinds.  I got them for $25 instead of about $60.  Sweet!  I couldn’t find them online, you’ll have to go check them out.  I don’t even like Family Dollar.  The overall vibe is of poverty & I’m not about that life.  However, I had to go there for something urgent, & I happened to find this phenomenal deal.  Sometimes you have to shop outside of the box!

Rectangular scrubber from Dollar Tree-I just found this about 2 days ago & y’all, it’s a GODSEND.  I HATE cleaning the tub & shower, but this scrubber is so big that it makes it fly by.  I was concerned about the corners, but it didn’t miss a beat!  I cleaned my tub in one swoop and was soaking in it within 10 minutes (it took twice as long to fill the tub as it did to clean it.  I hate that.  Why’s the spout so big if it’s still gonna take that long?  I’m probably just impatient.  Pay me no mind).  The link provided takes you to the grill scrubber (don’t use grill scrubbers because they take off the years of layers of seasoning from the grates.  Or do, that’s your bidness.) but it looks identical except it’s blue.  Go look by the dish scrubbers.  That’s where I found mine.  I just noticed the little hook spot at the top.  Pretty cool!

$10 Walmart heater/fan-my office gets the setting sun.  Need I say more?  Child, I get cooked anytime I’m in there after about 2pm.  The sad thing is, there’s an overhang!!  So, when I found out that my little $10 heater was also a fan, I shouted Hallelujah and put that bad boy to WORK!  It helps to take the edge off and make it tolerable.  I think they’re still selling them online, so check them out.  It’s worth the little investment.  The link provided is to the one I have, but here’s the link to a broader search.  There may be an even better deal by the time you read this and go to check it out.


Dollar Tree tongs-Y’all.  I saw them and had to have them.  I mean Prince music started playing when I saw these.  They were the perfect thing in the perfect colors.  I grabbed at least 3 and jetted to the checkout!  I’d tried Dollar Tree tongs before.  You know the black plastic ones with the silicone tips?  Well, those rust.  Don’t waste a penny.  And the plastic cracks.  A mess.  So I’ve had these for a few months and they are the light of my life (ok, a little dramatic, but they are ALL THAT!)


I have others, but that’s all I will share for today.  Some of you have been asking about my hair & how it’s doing.  I’m still water only primarily, but once or twice a month I’ll use oils for moisture.  I’ll explain that eventually.  But my hair is collar bone length, which is about 2 inches longer than I could ever grow it while using relaxers.  It’s also great to be able to rinse my hair in the morning, squeeze it dry and walk out of the door.  Some days I even use a hairpin!  It’s an awesome adventure.  Let me know if you’ve tried it or if you have questions.  If you want me to expound on my hair, that will DEFINITELY be a video SERIES.  So bye for now & I’ll talk to you again soon!


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